Tips to Create Your Own Yoga Sanctuary at Home

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If you were regularly going to the yoga studio before the pandemic or looking for ways to unwind after work, a home yoga practice is essential. Set up a special space at home for a gentle yin yoga session or a vigorous vinyasa flow to relax, refresh and unwind. 

And what’s the best part? You don’t need much space! Follow these steps to set up your yoga retreat, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, hallway or even a storage room.

At its simplest, you just need a little space to set up your yoga mat, but creating an opportunity for a healthier yoga retreat can be a fantastic way to de-clutter an empty room. Read our recommendations on how to incorporate yoga into your home, from choosing the perfect space to the right lighting, equipment, and accessories.

Find the right space

Your yoga space can be set up just about anywhere in your home. All that matters is that it’s quiet, uncluttered and spacious enough for you to move around. If you value your privacy, a room divider or screen can be an easy solution. If you have a space, such as an attic or guest room that is slowly turning into a storage room now is the time to declutter and clean it.

Take a moment to imagine yourself doing yoga in your favorite space before you permanently furnish it. While there are other elements that can help create a productive atmosphere, the perfect room will instinctively feel like the right place. Large windows will provide enough light to keep you energized and balanced. It is advisable to choose a room with large windows to keep it cool and well ventilated.

Choose your flooring

Yoga studios typically use natural hardwood or cork floors, as they provide the most stable and smooth platform for exercises. Laminate floors also serve this purpose, although they are often overlooked due to their synthetic nature.

Carpeting should be avoided as it does not provide the same smooth, safe surface as concrete floors. A nice, firm, clean floor is the ideal non-slip surface for your yoga mat. This is especially important if you want to try challenging poses.

Choose equipment made from natural materials

Natural materials strengthen your connection to the earth, which can be beneficial to your yoga practice. You will need props and equipment to support your yoga exercises. There are many options when it comes to yoga props made from natural materials. 

You can choose the best Yoga Bolster Australia made from cork for more stability when practicing difficult Asanas. Cork yoga mats are a perfect non-slip alternative that you can use for years. 100% cotton yoga cushions are a must for much-needed support during deep stretches and bends.

Choosing renewable resources not only provides the best atmosphere for your exercises, but it’s also environmentally friendly. When painting the walls, choose non-toxic paints to remove harmful chemicals from the air and make your yoga space cleaner and safer.

Set the mood for your space

Lighting helps set the tone. Natural light is ideal, but if the sun is too hot or shining directly into the room, soft curtains in front of the windows can enhance the mood. Overall, lighting should provide soft, unobtrusive light. Avoid harsh rays. Artificial fluorescent lights are not recommended. It is best to equip the above lamps with dimmers.

You can use a floor lamp or two, or simply add a dimmer to the ceiling lamps to dim them. Candles can also be used to create atmosphere, but should be used with care. Lanterns can help reduce the risk of fire, while LED candles can certainly create the same effect as a natural flame.

Choosing the right decor

Decoration and accessories should be chosen wisely. A few natural items, candles, floor lamps with paper shades, artwork, photos if you like – anything that will help you get in the mood. Choose posters or photos with appealing images that will help you relax and make the most of your yoga practice. A small shelf or prop organizer is helpful to store your props when you don’t need them.

Lastly, set up some plants that will provide a natural atmosphere as they purify the air and bring nature into the space.


When you’re setting up a yoga room, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind. Keep it simple. Don’t overload the room with decorations and other items. It’s more about removing something than adding something.

Keep the environment dust-free and make sure the room is aired out regularly. Even if you live in a city where fresh air is scarce, keep the room well ventilated. For this purpose, you can consider an air purifier and an ionization system. You can also buy a natural salt lamp. Studies show that an ionized atmosphere with salt lamps contributes to better sleep.


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