Tips to Choose The Best Floor Tiles

Today, when you want to find suitable tile flooring, there is a great range of options to choose from. Today there are many designs, colors, patterns, and sizes, so you can select whichever you want. However, you should not buy whatever comes to your mind. You need to be careful enough because not every type of tile can fit your space. 

Below we offer you many useful tips so you can choose the right option for each room of your house. Let�s see what we have outlined for you!

  1. Pay Attention to Tile Hardness

This is more than important. No matter how many floor types there are, never forget about hardness. If there is a high traffic, then your flooring should have the ability to withstand scratches, bumps, and wear traffic. We advise you to talk to Marble Warehouse Omaha and get more details about the flooring tile you are going to buy. 

  • Class I: This class is suitable for only wall application. 
  • Class II: It is designed for light traffic or wall applications designed for interior. It works excellent in places where there is normal foot traffic while small amount of scratching. You can choose it in bedrooms and bathrooms. 
  • Class III: Designed for light to moderate traffic, as well as countertops and walls, this class will be suitable for spaces where there is normal foot traffic. Install them in any room but avoid them to use in kitchens, entryways and on other areas where foot traffic is high. 
  • Class IV: It can be installed in heavy traffic spaces like kitchens, entryways, and halls. You can install this class in almost any room including kitchens and entryways. They are both beautiful and functional, and that is why they are considered to be the best floor tiles.
  • Class V: Designed for heavy to extra heavy traffic, it can also withstand scratching dirt. Install it in any room you want as it is designed in both residential and commercial spaces. 
  1. Pay Attention To Tile Porosity

If you are going to install tiles in a moisture prone area, like kitchen or bathroom, take into account tile porosity. This is a critical feature that should never be missed. 

Below you can see the Porosity Classifications:

Impervious: water consumption of 0.5% or less. This is highly recommended to use in the kitchen as well as bathroom.

Vitreous: water consumption of 0.5% to 3%.

Semi Vitreous: water consumption of 3 � 7%.

Non Vitreous: water consumption of more than 7%. However, it is not advised to use this category for flooring.  

  1. Ensure Slip Resistance

Almost all materials are slippery but if you have children at home, you need to install only slip resistant tile. A bathroom is one of those critical areas where accidents happen a lot, especially in the shower area. Make sure perfect slip resistance so that your children�s safety will be guaranteed. Order products with a high COF (coefficient of friction), when it comes to buying a shower tile floor. We also recommend installing tile sizes that are 4�4 or smaller. Also, try to avoid using sizes that are bigger than 6�6.

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  1. Install Stone Tile if You Want to Create Luxury and Quality

If you pay attention to durability and luxury at the same time, then stone floor tile is the best ever choice for you. Besides granite and travertine, we also recommend installing marble. You can opt for marble wholesale Cleveland and trust UGM for the best quality. Note that no two stones are exactly the same, so rest assured that you will enjoy naturally beautiful floor tiles. They will look so excellent that you will be proud of the results.

You can choose larger tile sizes, like 12�12 and they will look so impressive. For a modern interior design, just install these large tile sizes and everybody will admire its beauty. Just remember that stone should be sealed as it is the best way to maintain its longevity and become resistant to stains. If you leave your stone unsealed then it can remain porous and water will damage it very soon. After the first procedure, you should have your stone resealed again every 5-10 years so that the best quality and stunning look will be maintained. 

  1. Choose Lighter Floor Tiles to Make the Space Look Larger

If your room is small and you want it to look larger and more spacious, then we offer you to opt for light color floor tiles. They can improve the whole space and bring a bright atmosphere. You can choose white, cream, beige, sand and other options as they are ideal ones. If you order marble wholesale Cleveland you can be sure to enjoy the most stunning effect. Marble is a top choice, so it will make you feel impressed a lot. Install marble and it will create the illusion of expanded space. It will also work well in small or tiny bathrooms, so you can use them in such places with confidence.�

UGM � Your Trusted Source 

Visit the Marble Warehouse Omaha and we ensure you will fall in love with their incredible collection of marble tiles. They come in different sizes, patterns, and finishes, so you have plenty options at your disposal. UGM has always been people�s first choice because this company delivers the highest quality marble wholesale Cleveland making sure these tiles meet your demands. Marble looks so gorgeous and reflects light in a dazzling way. That is why it is a preferred stone choice for those who look for something airy. Marble looks amazingly expensive but in fact, it costs less than other natural stone materials. Isn�t that perfect? So go ahead, visit the Marble Warehouse Omaha and let the professional experts help you choose the best pattern and size. 

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