Tips for reducing shipping cost from China to USA

shipping from China to USA

China is the world’s largest producer and the cost-effective one. Therefore, most American importers use Chinese suppliers to optimize their supply chain. But to have cheap shipping from China to USA, We need to have an understanding of the factors that affect costs.

Find the right freight forwarder

The most important advice is to find a reliable and experienced freight forwarder. Do not doubt that you need them to manage your shipping costs from China to USA. These Chinese agents can easily bring you the cheapest and best services. They can also get you good discounts.

shipping from China to USA

Choose the right shipping mode 

The best method for each product varies according to its type and size. If your services do not meet your needs, you will pay exorbitant costs. To make the right choice, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of methods, sea freight and air freight from China to USA. Here are some tips for you.

Choose your shipment packaging materials wisely

In sea freight, your packaging must be resistant to moisture and other goods. So try to use a lot of newspapers, bubbles wrap and peanuts. 

But in air freight from China to USA, you must use the lightest packaging materials. Because their weight affects your shipping costs.

Buy Larger Quantities to Reduce Shipping Costs

Buying large quantities of products can also reduce shipping costs. Because Chinese suppliers do not cooperate with you for small quantities and your options are reduced. On the other hand, the larger your cargo, the lower your shipping costs.

Avoid Peak Seasons in shipping to USA

Be sure to have a Chinese calendar with you when scheduling shipping and delivery time from China to USA. The most expensive time to import from China is in peak seasons, such as the Chinese Holiday. Because the port and customs are crowded and prices are skyrocketing. Some of them are:

  • Chinese New Year – at least 6 days
  • Qingming Festival – 1 day
  • Golden Week – 7 days
  • Dragon Boat Festival – 3 days

Reduce the transit time from China to USA

The shorter your shipping time, the lower the costs. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the nearest port or airport to China. For example, based on the geographical location of China and the United States, delivery to the west coast of the US is faster than the east coast. There is a difference of about 5 to 10 days. 

It is also necessary to prepare the right documents and licenses to avoid customs delays. US Customs is very strict and will not release your packages if there is an administrative problem. As a result, you will have to pay heavy fines.

Always use cargo insurance!

Cargo insurance compensates for all possible damages. If something happens to your shipment along the way, insurance covers everything. In fact, it protects your money. It is not necessary to use expensive insurance in air freight. But in sea freight, it is necessary to use the best insurance with the highest coverage.

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