Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Plumbing in Good Shape

The bathroom has the most number of pipes fixed under, over and above it. Which does mean that the bathroom takes up much of the utility space as compared to other living rooms under the house. The components of the bathroom being the toilet, sink, bathtub, shower head, water line and so on all need to be in working condition for use. Having these appliances are great for keeping our lifestyle hygiene in check however, these are all but temporary and demands regular inspections and maintenance.

Whether you want a specific part of the bathroom fixed or an entire bathroom remodel san diego, home owners are advised to follow simple safety tips to ensure proper maintenance and reducetion of water hazards in their household.

Avoid Putting Trash in Toilets

Trash, bathroom articles; small and big, all belong in the dust bin. Toilets are not built to flush away any kind of materials, all except tissue paper. Toilet papers are soft and easily dissolve when in contact with water so the pressure through the act of flushing does not clog the toilet drain. The toilet can only handle specific types of products such as the toilet paper, any other paper or tissue will eventually clog the pipe or instigate flooding. Things to avoid putting in the toilet,

●  Plastic : this may be the worst case scenario for home owners who may have dumped plastic bags, products or materials in the toilet. The risk of a clogged drain is high on this one, this also beings further harm to the water bodies and general water species living around the area. Plastic is highly hazardous for sea creatures

●  Cotton : in cases where you use cotton balls, earbuds or any other disposable material made of cotton and throw it into the toilet, it can actually lead to heavy flooding whenever you pull or push the flush lever. Cotton is a good absorbent material, and can expand in size, thus leading to a pretty bad clogged drain line.

If the toilet gets clogged accidentally, be sure to call a professional plumber as quickly as you can, flooding can happen over a course of mere minutes. The toilet lines reach the main waste line which reaches the public sewer pool, this is another reason as to why trash and other articles  shouldn’t be thrown into the toilet.

Think About Installing Drain Covers

Drain covers are covered with holes present in them or a sort of grating is encased over them, they are used for covering both ends of drains. The drain cover one should look for should be of stainless steel, specific for drainage use. Installing drain covers prevent contamination in the environment, and to know more on this go to this website

Covering the drain helps prevent unwanted leftovers and trash reach the main outlet; the sea. Have the materials and substances collected through the drain pipe removed on a regular basis, the timely routine depends on the number of people living in one household and the usage of bathroom facilities. Additionally, clean drain covers allow the  drainage process to work faster, a poorly managed drain cover means slower drainage. To find out the best sort of drain covers on demand, go to this website

Avoid the Use of Chemical Drain Cleaning Substances

Drain cleaning solutions or substances are often used to dissolve grease and hair, which are the main causes that clog drains.These are used by plumbers and can be used by home owners as well, however pouring high contents of drain cleaners may corrode the pipelines and are not the best solution for long term maintenance. These substances are used temporarily for cleaning minor clogs, in cases of heavy obstructions blocking the pathway of drains and pipes it’s best to call a professional plumber.

In case the situation leads to remodeling the entire toilet, go for bath remodel san diego this would be a last resort to damages which cannot be fixed or reverted back to its original state. There are several drain cleaner brands which are credible, check out reviews from plumbing websites and associations to see their deal.

Have Regular Inspections And Replacements

Having regular check ups are important even in terms of our health and safety, this prevents any underlying sickness or health issue to grow within our body. Appliances and other temporary resource or machine all require the same manner of regular maintenance checks and inspections. If you are using an old pipe or drain line, there are high chances of damages or bursts to occur at any spontaneous moment. For old bathroom toilet, sink, shower and other appliances, it’s better to call up a plumber for fitting in the replacements.

And while you’re at it, ask for the type of pipes most durable her cost-efficient, most plumbers would recommend going for a stainless sort of pipe to be installed however, plastic ones are less expensive and can be easily replaced and fitted. There are a few precautions that come along with these two types of pipes, plastic ones are hard to dispose off once it gets old, stainless steel pipes are heavier than plastic ones and are pricey so installing them in every bathroom may take a toll on your funds.

Maintain a Timely Clearance of Drainage

 Cleaning drains is essential, even when the situation is not as dire. This is one of the most popular preventive measure that a homeowner can take. The plumber agencies or company take cleaning drains as a serious maintenance task, with the use of expert tools and machines the clogged drains are cleared for running water or other substances to pass through smoothly.

Proper maintenance of pipes also prevent corrosion of pipelines, because when the cleaning process a delayed the clog begins to degrade at its own pace and eventually contaminate the lines.


It is important to take care of appliances to prevent any future accidents or flooding problems. Ring up the closest plumbing company near you to go for a round trip on the drainage system inside your house,

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