Always Stay Above the Fold
Even personal email accounts can receive hundreds of messages per day, often from businesses like yours. That is why the positioning of your CTA button is critical. An effective CTA must be visible above the fold. It’s fine if it’s not the first thing a reader sees when they open your email, but it should be among the first.

But Off to the Side of the Content
When a CTA button appears in the middle of a paragraph, it distracts the reader. You must follow the natural flow of reading. You don’t disturb curious readers by keeping your CTA button above the fold but away from your content. It is recommended that you place the button to the right rather than the left, as this follows natural reading flow.

Message/CTA Alignment Matters
Whatever your intentions are, you must ensure that your email message and the call to action button are in sync. The CTA is correct in recommending a second coupon for double the savings. While you are not required to use the same language from your headline to your CTA button, your button should always be aligned with your message.

Don’t Fear White Space
There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to white space. In fact, it is your friend because of the numerous advantages it provides. It separates elements that don’t always go together, it makes a page or email look cleaner, and it makes content more legible.

Colors Convert
Some marketers believe that creating a newsletter based on the colors of the CTA button can increase conversions. Consider the following email from the pizza restaurant Pizza Hut. From the borders to the text headlines to a box containing the food itself, the email is mostly red. The “order now” call to action button, which appears twice, is a bright green color. Even if you tried, you couldn’t miss it. What we can all agree on is that complementary colors or other bold tints make excellent CTA buttons.

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First Person Works Well
However, while writing CTAs and email copy in the first person may appear foreign and safer at first, it does not convert nearly as well. Personalization is appreciated by both leads and customers. It gives them the impression that the company is paying attention to them as an individual. Another way to personalize your message is to write CTAs and email newsletters in the first person.

Get Creative with Your Button Design
The average CTA button is admittedly a little unappealing, but jazzing it up too much may harm conversions. Instead of the standard “click here to learn more” CTA button, you could show an image of a man launching into space, for example. What makes this even more enticing is the warning not to press it. This is an example of reverse psychology in action.

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