10 Best Strategic Tips for Claiming Home Loan Tax Benefits in 2024

Acquiring a home loan is not merely about fulfilling your dream of owning a house; it also offers significant home loan tax benefits. In addition to providing a stepping stone towards your financial goals, it can also significantly reduce your tax burden. Understanding and leveraging these benefits can save you substantial money annually. However, most people are not fully aware of these advantages or how to optimally leverage them. This article will guide you through the ten best strategic tips to claim your home loan tax benefits in 2024.

1. Know Your Income Tax Slab

Understanding your income tax slab is crucial in strategizing for your home loan tax benefits. The home loan tax benefit varies with each income tax slab; therefore, understanding your slab will help you optimize your tax benefits and avoid financial setbacks.

2. Interest Paid on Home Loan

Under Section 24B of the Income Tax Act, homeowners can claim a deduction of up to INR 2 lakh on the interest paid on home loans for a self-occupied property. This provision significantly reduces the taxable income, thus effectively reducing the tax liability.

3. Benefit on Principal Repaid

According to Section 80C, homeowners can claim deductions of up to INR 1.5 lakh on the principal amount repaid in a financial year. This deduction, too, aids in reducing the taxable income.

4. Claims on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges

You can also claim the stamp duty and registration charges under Section 80C in the year of purchase. However, it must be within the overall limit of INR 1.5 lakh.

5. Home Loan for Construction or Renovation

Deductions on interest payments can be claimed if the home loan is taken for house construction or renovation. However, the construction or renovation must be completed within five years from the end of the financial year in which the loan was borrowed.

6. Joint Home Loan

If the home loan is taken jointly, each applicant can claim the tax benefits. Interestingly, the tax benefits can be claimed proportionally, as per the shareholding in the loan.

7. Renting the Property

If you are renting out your purchased property, you can claim the entire home loan interest as a deduction from your rental income.

8. Pre-construction Interest

Homeowners can also claim pre-construction interest. It can be claimed in five equal installments starting from the year the property construction is completed or acquired.

9. Home Loan from Relatives or Friends

Interestingly, tax benefits can also be claimed if the home loan is taken from friends or relatives. To avail the home loan tax benefit, you need to have a lending document that states the loan terms, including the interest rate, and the repayment schedule.

10. Home Loan for Buying a Second Property

If you have a second property bought on a home loan and it is not rented, tax deductions as per existing rules can be availed on that property as well.


To sum up, claiming home loan tax benefits can be simplified with strategizing and understanding the regulations. It is important to consider context-specific circumstances such as the income tax slab, the purpose of the loan, and even the source of the loan for optimal benefits. While home loans are a considerable financial responsibility, the array of benefits provided by various tax provisions lighten the homeowner’s taxation burden. With the right knowledge and strategy, these benefits can be capitalized upon effectively in 2024.


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