Types of Tiles for Your Kitchen in Melbourne

If you are thinking of getting new tiling in your kitchen, you have come to the right place. Kitchen tiling can be confusing because these days you have limitless options available with various designs and colors and materials. So we are here to make it a bit easier for you. In this blog, we will talk about various types of tiles that you can use for kitchen tile installation and their pros and cons.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are best when you are looking for a waterproof option. It is best suitable for heavy foot traffic places and it is also easy to clean. The smooth texture makes cleaning easy and it is also comfortable for you. It is hard material which means that its grouts require extra attention and more cleaning.

Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain tiles are made of ceramic material which makes it durable, nonporous and gives the floors a solid look. It is suitable for any space in your home. In case of any damage, individual ties can be easily replaced. Although just like ceramic, it is a hard material which makes its grout require extra care.

Travertine Tile

Basically limestone material stored by mineral springs. Provides a beautiful mountain-conceived aesthetic to your floor. Made of solid kind of stones. Can withstand possible scratch-like damages easily. However, it is easily damaged by acidic and harsh substances.

Concrete Tile

Concrete floors are made from broken stones and rock and concrete etc. These raw materials are dissolved and blended with water and filled in a mold where they become solid. It provides a smooth greyish look. Concrete tiles oppose dampness well. Provides a beautiful modern look to your floor space. The durability of concrete tiles is remarkable because it is truly solid and it can withstand force and will not break easily.

Concrete floors are made out of broken stones and rock, concrete and different things. These are dissolved down and blended in with water and filled in a mold where they can solidify. You can get a solid surface added with one strong body right through. Concrete offers a smooth greyish look even though it tends to be hued whenever wanted. Staining can be difficult to deal with if not dealt with immediately. Concrete floors can get very cold. You have to re-seal routinely to sustain it well.

Terracotta Tile

Terracotta tiles are made with a clay body, it has a sparkling red or orange shade to it, and it can also have different shades of those colours. The tiles are set up in a glaze to be started up so it will not have an outlet. Terracotta is non-permeable which makes it a good choice for stain prone floors. Stains are easy to clean off of terracotta tiled floors. The surface can be harsh but if you have it fixed and sanded then it’ll be just fine. The tone of the tiles may blur with time for which you need to have the tiles supplanted. 

To make sure you have the best kitchen eventually, hire a professional kitchen tiler in Melbourne and get the most suitable kitchen tile installation for your beloved kitchen.

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