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DIC is a highly experienced team behind our company’s success because the DIC team is dedicated to their work, and we never compromise the quality of the products. We are proficient in innovative solutions for oil and gas customers with top-quality products in the global market. DIC is proud to mention its worldwide presence with operating services in India and Dubai to cater to distant requirements.

We have the experience and expertise, along with the skill and the will, to do this. We worked with an enhanced quality approach, ensuring the fulfillment of product deadlines and elegance with near to zero human error.

Thread Protectors:

DIC is a Supplier and Exporter of Thread Protector. Thread Protectors are an essential part of the oil and gas industry. These Protectors are built strong and used to protect the threads of a pipe during transportation. Thread Protector is manufactured from plastic or steel and can be applied automatically and manually to the pipe.

Thread protectors protect the drill string threads during shipping, storage, and surface handling. These protectors regularly use in the oil and gas industry to protect pipes during transportation to the oil and gas fields. Metal thread protectors are clean and reused. These protectors collect and reuse or recycle.

These protectors also can be made in black, yellow, red, green, and blue colors. These thread protectors can be cleaned regularly for continuous use. Dedicated Impex FZE provides the best quality products.

Features of Thread Protectors:

Thread protectors are strong impact resistance.

Protectors are closed-end to protect the inside of the pipe.

Thread Protectors come in two forms: 1. Liftable and 2. Non-liftable.

They manufacture from plastic or steel and can be applied to the pipe automatically and manually.

Different Types of Thread Protectors:

Plastic Thread Protector:

We are suppliers and exporters of thread protectors. These Thread Protectors protect those critical threads while in storage and transportation or just moving around the pipe yard. It Conforms to API safety & usage standards. The Oilfield Thread Protectors are made to fit both Pin and Box pipe ends. These protectors are made from durable plastic and metal; each material serves its specific purpose.

Drill Pipe Protector:

These Protectors are made to fit both pin, and box pipe ends. These Thread Protectors install around the end of the drill pipe and tubing to prevent the end of pipes and reduce damage. The purpose of installing drill pipe protectors is to protect damaged pipes during storage, installation, shipping, and transport.

Pressed steel thread protector:

A pressed Steel Thread Protector is designed and manufactured to protect the API Drill pipes, Drill Collar connections, and tubing. These Thread Protectors are made using 3 mm thick steel sheets, drawn to form, precision machined, and given a coat of rust preventive oil. These are available in 2-3/8? to 20? sizes.

Composite Thread Protector:

Composite Thread Protector?made with a Steel roll-over bumper designed to absorb rigid impact and protect the thread connection during handling and transport. Composite Thread Protectors protect thread length and seal the face to prevent stripping, loosening, or ingress of debris and corrosion, which will damage the thread. Composite Thread protectors are strong and have high dimensional stability and anti-corrosion.

Cast Steel Lifting Bails:

Cast Steel Lifting Bails protect the pin and box connection when drill stems components ship and are stored at the warehouse or location. The Lifting Bails supplies with test and inspection certificates giving full traceability. These Lifting bails are made from heavy-duty steel for ultimate protection. It provides lifting points when the drill tools require to pick up or lay down.

Clamp-On Casing Protector:

Clamp-on Casing Protectors used by the rig operators while handling Tubulars between the rack and the rig floor, made of high-quality urethane and superior-grade special polymers and polyurethane to protect the casing or tubing threads. These protectors are specially designed with stainless steel. Clamp-on casing thread protector is available for casing with BTC thread or tubing. This size range is available in 41/2? to 30?.

Tubing and Casing composite Thread Protector:

Tubing and Casing Composite Thread Protector made with a Steel roll-over bumper designed to absorb rigid impact and protect the thread connection during handling and Transportation. These Thread Protectors are made according to ISO and API specifications using high-quality raw materials.

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