5 Essential Third Date Ideas During Covid-19 – How To Make The Right Decisions

third date ideas

The third date is always not about just a casual hangout. In most of the couple’s cases, the third date is proved as the beginning of a romantic relationship. If you are a dating partner in between this pandemic, hence the third date also does not lose its value. A pandemic cannot stop you from making a serious romantic relationship. The pandemic and the lockdown are just stepping on us, but the innovative third date ideas are here to solve almost all of your problems. 

 The third date is all about sharing the thoughts of each other. Your dating partner has a relatively high expectation of some positive approach from your side. The commitment and the real nature is the most desirable outcome from your dating partner. In some of the cases, the third date is almost a final date before starting a serious romantic relationship. 

The third date always plays a very important role while doing any stable romantic future planning. The pandemic is upon us, but it can not restrict you from doing any serious planning. Whenever you are going to plan the third date in the pandemic situations and lockdown. Immediately the multiple questions are just in your mind before getting in the game.

  • Where would I go with her/his?
  • Does he/she like my arrangements?
  • How to make a good place where we can spend some time with each other?
  • How could I measure the compatibility level between us? Etc

If you are anxious about these questions, which just keep popping in your mind. Then here are some solutions to all your queries.

5 Easy Third Date Ideas During Covid-19

This is the global pandemic time; hence it can not restrict you from having a serious romantic relationship. Maybe you are not allowed outside to hang out, but you can make a quite flexible plan to enjoy your third date.

Here are some easy and unique third date ideas.

1. Have A Homemade Meal Together

The virtual dinner or lunch plan is quite easy to make, and you can spend your time with each other. If it is all about the third date, then the decision-making means the more communication exchange time you can utilize. So every third date ideas must need a lot of heart to heart communications. 

The virtual homemade meal is the best way by which you can understand your dating partner’s eating habits. Video conferencing is the easiest way to attend virtual meal planning. The same menu you can cook or you can cook each other’s choice of menu. This cross-connection cooking method will help you to understand the real inside personality of your dating partner. Do not forget to add soothing music at dinner or supper time. The dating ambiance will be incomplete without some beautiful light and beautiful romantic music.

2. Plan For A Outdoor Picnic

The quarantine time is always very problematic for an in-house party. So make a plan for an outdoor picnic. The outdoor space is quite safe for gathering the crowd. You can invite your date partner with some of his/her close friends. 

You can order some food from your local food supply stores, or you can serve homemade foods also. Easy to pick food will go very well with the outdoor picnic ambiance.Do not forget to wear a mask and the six ft distance maintenance. If you can maintain the pandemic social distancing rule, then nothing can stop you from making a good memorable third date.

3. Play The Question Answers Game

Maybe it sounds weird, but it is true. If you are about to make a solid romantic plan. Then this is the best plan to know your dating partner better. Video conferencing while the timing of the playing the games will bring out the relaxed mood. 

You can play orthodox 20 question answers games. Other than that, you can play a bottle spinning game also. In both ways, you will know the internal personality traits of your dating partner. The more you ask questions, the more you will clearly know the person. 

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4. Give A Apartment Or House Tour

The house tour and the virtual dinner party both you can organize. The apartment tour will help you to understand the living style of your dating partner. You can plan a family virtual supper or dinner plan with your parents also. The apartment cleaning plans are also working well for third date ideas. 

Apartment cleaning is always a necessary step, especially at the time of pandemics. You can plan together with a cleaning schedule and video conferencing while you are doing the cleaning. The cleaning and the house tour can help you to understand your partner’s living style and regular chaos. The virtual tour arrangement will take almost two to three hours to complete. Then planning a family dinner with your dating partner will make your whole time memorable.

5. Write Orthodox Letters For Each Other

Orthodox and old methods do not fancy you? Do not hesitate to apply this century-old romantic process to exchange your feelings. The pandemic will not let you go outside, but letter writing can solve all your issues. Write down your feelings and desires and send them to dating in your 30s. You will say the emails and the chats can also convey my message. But do you know this? The handwritten letters are the physical reminder writer. Try this method, and we indeed feel thrilled while reading your partner’s letter.


These methods may be very detached from the physical touch of the person. But these processes are quite easy to apply, and the understanding level among you and your dating partners will be more promising. 

The third date is all about decision making. Some of the couples are even making marriage decisions after the successful third date. Hence, it is a high-risk time for the pandemic plane wisely and securely. The mask-wearing and the other safety gear wearing is a must if you go outside. 


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