Things to Do in Belize City

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From having the largest coral reef in the world to being home to Jaguars and Howler monkeys this massive stretch of 250 Miles of coastline is paradise on earth. The city might be small but it’s gorgeous. It is a perfect place to explore vibrant traditions, culture, panoramic landscape, and Mayan ruins. If you have an adventurous, and nature-loving soul, Belize is the mecca for you. There is so much to explore here that you will not get an opportunity to get bored. So, book United Flight tickets and get to Belize to explore its rich and diverse culture, cuisine, and landscape.

So, are you ready to explore this unique country and unravel the Mayan mysteries?

Here are the best things to do in Belize to make the most of your vacation.

1. Snorkeling at Caye Caulker 

Snorkeling on the tranquil island of Caye Caulker is one of the best things to do in Belize. This quaint fishing village was inhabited by Mestizos in the 19th century. The island has a relaxed vibe to it making it the best place to unwind or enjoy water activities.

Things to do 

路 Visit the Marine reserve. 

路 Explore the lush green forest.

路 Take a local tour.

路 Explore Marine life at the Belize barrier reef.

路 Explore the shipwrecks

路 Swim with the turtles.

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2. Explore San Ignacio

Want to explore the islands? Start from San Ignacio. The place is enveloped by verdant mountainous rainforest. It is the perfect place to explore the wilderness of Belize at its best. Visit the small charming village 鈥 San Jos茅 Succotz and explore the well-preserved Mayan ruins of Xunantunich. These ruins are quite popular and impressive.

Things to do 

路 Enjoy the Mopan River cruise. 

路 Pay a visit to Xunantunich.

路 Soak in the view from the top of the Mayan structure.

路 Take a swim in the Barton Creek Cave

路 Explore Cahal Pech.

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3. Plunge in the Blue Hole

Take a refreshing swim into the blue waters in the Blue Hole. nestled in St Herman鈥檚 Blue Hole National Park, it is a gorgeous, round swimming hole(cenote) that is wrapped by the forest.

These waters are quite rejuvenating and a great place to explore with friends and family. 

Things to do at the blue hole

路 Take a swim in the cool waters.

路 Explore the forest.

路 Hike the mountains and soak in the captivating scenery. 

Swimming in the cenotes natural waters is an amazing experience. Book United Airline Flight and tick this experience off your bucket list. 

4. Explore the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Have you ever Hiked a Jaguar reserve? The thrill of seeing the wild yet beautiful wild beast is unparalleled. So, get ready to hike the coiling forest trails and click.

Some of the most stunning wildlife pictures. The Cockscomb basin is interwoven with a maze of streams and untouched rainforest. 

Things to do 

路 Explore the jungle.

路 Take a dip in the stream.

路 Visit Tikal, a historical site.

路 Click loads of pictures.

路 Try to spot a Jaguar. 

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5. Enjoy the exquisite beaches in Placencia

Placencia should be on your itinerary if your sole purpose is to stick to the beach and unwind. You have plenty to do here, from heading out in the sea for scuba diving or snorkeling. Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches by the day and the humming nightclubs by night. 

Things to do 

路 Go kayaking at Laughing Bird Caye

路 Take the monkey river tour.

路 Visit the art and soul galley.

路 Go scuba diving or snorkeling to explore the magnificent marine life. 

So, are you in for an adventure in Belize? Book United flight tickets to this captivating destination and make unforgettable memories for life.

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