Things That Help Students Become Motivated in School

One of the greatest problems in educational institutions are the high rates of dropouts among its students, although more boys are dropping out of schools more than girls, there is still this lingering feeling of unease among the teachers in the academe that this will turn out to be a major problem in the years to come.

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In many cases a student who opted to drop out of school will in most likeliness spend time on the streets to hustle for money and join groups that may harm them or at least lead them to a life that is motivated for crime and violence.

These youngsters will also seek for social connectedness with their gangs and cliques an emotional connection they failed to get from their families and one that the educational system failed to supply. And in context of today�s issues and struggles more and more students have opted to drop out of school where they felt unmotivated to go to since they feel no sense of belongingness and connectedness in.

In light if this problem, here are some of the things that schools can offer to motivate students to stay:


One of the reasons that pushes a student to quit or gets disenchanted with school is because the institution itself is not offering any assistance to any student who is struggling with their academic responsibilities.

One thing that the schools can do is to offer a tutorial program to these struggling students, some schools even offer peer tutorials so that the student really feels that they are being cared for even on that level. Tutorial systems also offer a mechanism of social connection between students and the institution where the student becomes motivated to go to school because there is somebody to connect to.

Genuine connection with teachers

Teachers should also be taught to be more empathetic to students and their plight, this way there will be an idea that the students felt a little bit of importance from their second parents in their respective schools. Teachers also hold the key to make students feel the connection that was lacking from their families, is there is any.

This connection will also funnel a feeling of being at ease in classrooms rather than feeling isolated from everything else while going to their classes, it makes them excited to communicate with teachers and build bonds with them on the professional level. Private schools Melbourne offers these types of perks to their students as well.


One thing is to offer awards and honours to students when they achieve something. Many of these students might not get the right attention in their own homes, thus it is very important when teachers are keen on seeing when their students achieve something or has done something good. Or if a student has done an extra mile on their homework or school projects or presentations. These small steps might just give that little extra push for that student to finish school.

In all of it schools must take extra measures to ensure that students will not drop out and take extra steps and give extra love to those who are struggling.

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