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lash lift course at eastbourne

Are you ready to make a mark in the eyelash industry by learning how to give the client a youthful face with attractive eyes through the Lash tint and Lash Lift?

Are you looking for a reputable Lash Lift course at Eastbourne? Well, you are at the right place. But before enrolling in the lash lift course, know more about the lash lift procedure.

What does a Lash Lift do?

Imagine waking up each day with beautiful long and fuller lashes each day, that’s what the lash lift treatment does to the client. Lash lift is the chemical process which manipulates the eyelashes around the roots. This procedure changes the direction of the lashes to give them a natural lash with a fuller and longer appearance, then the tint is applied to add a wow factor.

Ideally, the procedure is quick and painless, leaving you with eyelashes fuller, longer and more glamorous.

And the best part of the lash lift is, it works on your original lashes rather than having lash extensions. For those who are tired or busy enough for extra work to enhance their lashes, lash lift treatment is a perfect choice.

 Just a couple of rules in the first 24 hours, and set your hands free without the pain of adjusting the eyelash extension and eliminate the hassle of applying mascara from your daily beauty regime.

How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

A Lash lift is the semi-permanent enhancement of your lashes. With time, the effects of the lash lift fade away. And after a few weeks, you may need to pick the mascara again.

Generally, the effect of a lash lift lasts for around 4 to 6 weeks, but this can vary depending upon the type of lash lift and aftercare. With the proper care, the effect can last for around 6 weeks.

How long the effect lash lift lasts completely depends upon the type of lash lift treatment, aftercare and your natural lash growth cycle.

How long your lash lift last depends upon the variables  such as:

  • Type of lash lift.
  • Natural eyelash growth.
  • Immediate lash care.
  • Long-term lash care.

You may wonder, why your lash lift doesn’t last as others, in spite of having everything in place. Well, there is nothing wrong with the procedure, the longevity of the lash lift is short simply because maybe your lash growth is a little faster.

Learn new Techniques at Lash Lift Course at the Eastbourne 

This course is designed to get you ready to become an expert in lash lift in no time. Along with the key learnings, you will also learn some tips and tricks to enable you to offer admirable lashes to the client. You will learn plenty of tips to boost your income many folds with the new skills.

The lash lift course at Eastbourne focuses on hands-on training, that’s why the theoretical sessions are small. While the maximum amount of time is spent with the lash mentor learning practical skills.

Through the course, you will learn advanced lash lifting treatments, which are gentle on the client’s lashes with no damage to the client’s lashes.

Who is this Course for:

  • Beauty therapists looking to enhance their beauty portfolio.
  • Anyone interested in gaining knowledge of beauty treatments for themselves, family and friends.
  • Get add-on treatment for hair extensions, massage therapists or others.

To Conclude:

On the completion of the course, you will able to visit clients home, or work from home, or enter the bespoke spas and salons offering the service on the customer’s demand.

The Lashtique lash lift course at Eastbourne is perfect for those looking to master new skills in the lash industry.

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