Termite Control Methods And How To Detect Termite Infestation

With a lot of expectations, you build a house or your company’s building. But how will you feel when you find tiny termites feeding on your assets and damaging them? The Subterranean termites are the leading cause of health issues as well as economic damages. There are other termite species like dry wood and damp wood termites that feed on wood that can damage your items like door, table, or any other furniture items made up of wood. Hence, to stop your assets from destructing, you must know some termite control methods.?

3 termite control methods

Some of you are unable to detect their presence, so here are some signs through which you will be able to see them. You can get rid of termites by putting the following barriers-

Physical Barrier

Through physical barriers, you can stop them from damaging your house. It is a permanent solution without any toxic effect and is cost-effective as it doesn’t require much maintenance. There are 4 ways to put physical barriers these are-

  1. Adjusting pipes around your building and under the slabs for infusing insecticides.
  2. Composite system/ chemically treated sheets (fabric or plastic).
  3. Ant/ termite caps do not prevent but make it easier to detect their presence.
  4. By installing small stone or steel mesh in the concrete of walls or slabs you can control termites.

Chemical Barrier

By involving chemicals to manage termite control by professionals for implement effective method. Imidacloprid, IGRs (triflumuron), Fipronil and Synthetic pyrethroids (including, bifenthrin, etc.) are some commonly used chemicals to control termite?s growth. The barriers will not allow the infestation to spread to other areas. You will need help of experts here. It is not advisable to USE chemicals on your own as you might be unaware of the side effects and the methods of handling.

Placing bait stations and monitoring them

This can be another alternative method for termite control, although there is no assurance of its success. It could be comparatively more costly and may require maintenance from time-to-time basis. This is how this method works; in the prone areas, the pest controller puts the bait station and regularly checks the presence of termites. This bait consists of a minute quantity of IRGs.

Termite control service

Signs of the presence of termites in your building

It is not simple to detect their presence; therefore, you should keep checking your assets on a regular basis. Without you noticing, they will not only damage your timber items but many other goods. These include plastics, paper products, building sealants, your footwear, fabric products and your items of clothing, even insulators made up of rigid foam. 

  • Timber?s materials start sounding hollow when they are eaten by the termites.
  • If you keep a regular check and notice a muddy shelter tube anytime, then it is time for you to avail services for termite control. The termites make this layer of protection on the cornice, wooden elements, or brick foundations.
  • Whenever you witness any hole on your floor, there is a possibility that it could be because of termites.
  • If your wooden elements like the door or window are getting tight, then it is a sign of the presence of termites. This happens as termites excrete a particular substance, trapping moisture and heat for their survival.
  • The cracks in the door jams, paint, window frames, and damaged skirting boards are signals that you require service.


After reading the above details, you will have understood how important it is to pay attention to your assets. Therefore, keep a check and, when required, avail for termite control services. The health of your family or employees should never be compromised. Spending a little for the pest control will help you save a lot later.

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