Ten questions to ask yourself when building a character

A genuine and best character is the blend of experience, growth, and flaws. Even a good character is an indication of genuine individuals. An audience will only see that thing which you will represent in front of them. When you make a mind of choosing acting as your profession, then you will have to work on your character. You will not only get the designation by your acting but also by your character.

In addition to it, your character should be a blend of realistic compelling personalities. For your character development, you can ask some specific questions about yourselves. These questions will be helpful for you in building a worthy character. 

Who are you?

Firstly consider the “who” of your character. You should have two or three sentences to answer who. 

What is your strongest motivation?

You should know about your motivation or ideals. It will reveal your personality, choice, or interest.

What is your greatest strength?

The greatest strength of your will reveals your strong character. In addition to that, it also explains your strongest point. Even your strength also explicates which thing you make different from another topic.

What is your great weakness?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, each person has a strong point and a weak point too. It is all about which thing makes you in a difficult position. Moreover, it also reveals your uncomfortable zone.

What is your biggest regret?

You are not the only one who made a mistake in the past and has to regret it. In addition to it, this question consists of your darkest secrets and one of your biggest failures.

How is your character unique?

When you slowly come to the uniqueness of your character, then stronger will be your representation. Think about those things which make you unique from the other person. For instance, if the person is gay, then gay is their uniqueness. He has different choices and interests. So think about your uniqueness.

Do you wear makeup? 

This kind of question is based on the character’s physical appearance. Frankly answer the question.

What sort of things do you like socially?

It is all about what sort of nature you have. Are you an introverted person or an extrovert person by nature? What other masses think about your character or personality? Think deeply and closely about how you act socially, such as either you mingle with everyone or feel hesitation in talking. 

What kind of role do you have in the story?

Think about how your character plays a role in your story. For instance, what is the existence of your personality in your story? In addition to it, consider the development of your character.

What are your hopes and dreams for the upcoming time?

Your future place or what the world does your character want to see in the future. This question is all about your achievements which you want to achieve in the future.

These are the ten essential questions that you can ask. With the help of questioning, you will be able to know several things. In addition to it, questioning can be based on any portion such as physical appearance, looks, your living place, and so on. 

In the end, a character interview is essential. With the help of this interview, the interviewer comes to know about the personality of the participants. In addition to it, a person is a judge based on answers to the questions which are asked. Henceforth, it is essential for the participant that he should have knowledge about each question, especially about themselves.   

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