Ten Bridal Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Follow

When it comes to your bridal makeup, there is no room for errors or second chances. Even though most brides hire professional makeup artists via the salon booking app or direct appointment, you should have the freedom to choose the makeup type you want.

The makeup professionals often choose the color palettes and the depth of each makeup element according to the dress. For example, if the bridal wear has a dark red color, either the eye shadow or the lips will be dark red to compliment the dress.

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However, such fashion trends have now become obsolete. Bridal makeup should be such that it can enhance the natural glow of the face and empower one’s personality simultaneously. The below section has discussed the top ten tips to make your bridal look perfect through online salon services.

Wash and cleanse your face properly

Your first task will be to clean your face properly. You can either use your regular face wash or any new herbal product having ingredients like aloe vera, sandalwood, olive oil, cucumber, and others. Also, make sure to use a scrubber.

The scrubber will help in opening up the pores and removing the dead cells and debris. Unclogging the pores will keep your skin healthy since a lot of makeup will be used on your face to complete the bridal look.

Apply moisturizer early to keep the skin supple

Once you are done cleaning and washing your face, you need to apply moisturizer to your face. If you have oily skin or a sensitive one, always use a water-based moisturizer. It will easily get absorbed by your skin, helping in keeping the upper surface soft and supple.

Cream-based moisturizers are perfect only for those having dry skin with almost no sensitivity. Massage your skin properly while applying the moisturizer so that it can penetrate deep into your skin and make it softer from within.

Finish the hairstyling before makeup

Your next task will be to complete the hairstyling before you start putting on makeup on your face. If you have loose strands coming out from the hairstyle at the front, clip it for the moment so that they don’t interfere with the makeup.

In addition, if you do not complete the hairstyling before makeup, the product application will be more on the hair strands than your face. Besides, who would want to have the hairs interfering with the application of contour or at the time of making winged eyes? No one, right?

Use a primer or base coat suitable for your skin color

Starting with the main makeup for your face, the first layer should be of a primer or base coat. Usually, primers are found in different shades. But you need to use the one suitable for your skin color.

Make sure it is exactly of the same hue or one shade darker. This is because the foundation will lighten your skin tone. The primer will help in the evening your skin surface in case there are fine lines or pimples. Once the primer is applied, you need to use the foundation one tone lighter than your skin.

Concealers and contours should be used after the foundation

After applying and mixing the foundation with your skin, you need to use concealers and contours. Do not apply before the foundation since they won’t be able to bring out the look you want for your wedding.

Concealers must be applied around the eyes, and other dark spots visible even after the foundation is applied. Tap it with a sponge or your fingers. Next, you need to apply the contours. These are applied in one single straight line to highlight the cheekbones, nose, and forehead. Blending is very important for both contours and concealers.

Do not forget to dust off the excess compact powder

After you are applying the compact powder, do not forget to brush off the excess. Use a larger, hairier brush and slightly wipe the cheeks, eyes, and forehead to remove the excess powder.

The compact powder will help in preventing the skin from becoming sticky due to the foundation and primer. Also, make sure you use the powdered form of the compact.

Do not overdo with the blush and highlighter.

Blush is applied on the cheeks to give a rosy or orange tinge on the skin. However, if your skin has a natural blush, there is no need to apply one. While applying, make sure to use it in the minimal quantity and not forget to blend in on the cheeks.

As for the highlighter, use it according to the skin tone. Highlighters are usually liquid-based. Once you apply it, immediately blend it properly to avoid drying the liquid.

Always make the eye makeup comparable with the wedding dress

Eye makeup is perhaps the most important part of the bridal look. It would be best if you always looked for an online salon services expert in eye makeup. First of all, it should complement your wedding dress. But that doesn’t mean you should apply a green eye shadow if your dress is of the green color.

Also, the eye makeup must be loud and bold but with no excessiveness. Do not use glitters on the eyes because that will over shadow the eye colors.

Nude/natural makeups are great for natural looks.

If you are not a makeup lover, try neutral or nude looks. They are truly amazing since the colors used in this makeup form are brown, nude pink, blush pink, nude beige, cream, and others.

Nude looks are amazing, and you can use a darker lipstick shade or hold eyes only to draw attention to your face.

Finish off with a proper lipstick without gloss

The last task will be to apply proper lipstick. It would be best if you went with liquid matte lipstick as they stay longer and won’t make an imprint on glasses if you are drinking something.

Do not apply gloss on the lips. It will destroy your bridal look completely. Moreover, gloss can drop down from the corners of the lips too often.


Above, we have discussed the ten major steps that should be followed for doing excellent bridal makeup. All you need to do is choose the best makeup artist through the onlinesalon booking app.

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