Temporary and Safe Decorating Ideas for College Students

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Decorating a temporary living place is an equally fascinating and challenging creative activity. Personalizing a blank canvas bedroom that we do not own precludes us from engaging in even the most basic home decorating techniques. Not to mention that the work involved in relocating larger statement objects into these areas often surpasses the time spent living in them. To effectively adapt temporary housing units while adhering to regulations and adding flare, we need to develop more creative décor options.

1. Flameless FTW

Candles fill areas with the aroma of everything good and pure in this world and emit the most peaceful, sublime light. The issue is that first-year college students are thrust into a depressing reality — one in which they are prohibited from lighting candles. However, there is no need to forego their radiant brightness. The solution is to use flameless candles. They are indestructible, never melt, and finally provide the same mellow illumination as conventional burning candles. Arrange candles of varying heights on a stunning mirrored tray to make these flameless beauties seem less fake and more stylish.

las cruces apartments near NMSU

2. The Bed

Whether you’re sleeping, browsing Facebook, or telling yourself that you can study while covered beneath a blanket, your bed is excellent real estate. First, let us consider the following: Purchase a duvet and duvet cover for yourself. Why? Quilts are heavy, while all-in-one comforters are expensive and unpackable. Duvet inserts are disposable, so go to Ikea and get the least expensive one that will keep you warm. Find a vibrant throw blanket to wrap yourself in if you want more warmth. If you are feeling lost, try to look at places like las cruces apartments near NMSU you can tour other people’s apartments to see how they decorate the same space for inspiration.

What is truly seen? In terms of adaptability, a white duvet cover is unmatched. Not only can it transform your bed into a fluffy cloud at the end of a hard day, but white is also stylish, basic, and goes with virtually every hue. Additionally, it is always among the least costly covering alternatives, which means that if you are forced to leave it behind, the loss will be little. If you’re sick of the idea of a boring bed, try out Urban Outfitters’ lovely patterned tapestries for the top. If you get tired of it on your bed, a full-size one may also function as a curtain using clip-hooks in your next home.

Throw pillows are really useful for enlivening dull beds. The bad news is that they may be very expensive, not to mention difficult to cram into luggage. As with the duvet, search for pillow coverings and inserts available separately. If you get a standard size, inserts are inexpensive. Purchase an excellent pillow cover with the money you save that you can roll up and store in a space-saving plastic bag the next time you move. Numerous establishments offer their coverings separately, and if traveling overseas, don’t forget to comb marketplaces for really unusual ones.

3. Incandescent Neon Nightlight

Add neon signs to your environment to infuse it with an urban, diverse, and vibrant light. This spiky, bright green nightlight infuses a dorm with simple design expertise and a can-do attitude. I suppose today’s children refer to the appearance acquired here as a goal.

Since you cannot remodel or make permanent alterations to a rented flat, decorating within the confines of your lease is a truly enjoyable task that inspires you to think creatively. Often, you’ll also need to be inventive with your use of space, which adds another layer of difficulty and enjoyment! Pour a glass of wine for yourself and take a thorough look around your area. Consider this: Can that additional closet also serve as a workspace? Is there an area where you can store an extra set of stools that you can bring out when you need more seating for guests? You’ll be shocked at what a tiny area can achieve.

4. Dual-Use Desk Lamps

If you’ve done any shopping for illumination, you’re aware that lamps can be rather pricey. My best recommendation for saving money on dorm lighting is to eschew conventional lights entirely. Combine the two in between the beds and use them as bedside illumination. The resulting aesthetic will be identical to the duo-lamp seen above but at a far lower price.

There is certainly no place like home, even if that location is a rented apartment or house. That is sometimes easier said than done, particularly if you are renting and unclear how much you can modify. Fortunately, several methods exist to personalize a place without permanently altering anything.


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