Teeth Whitening Strips- Some Amazing Facts to Know

Teeth are a significant part of an individual?s self-representation. Necessarily, teeth start getting yellow with age, but people can employ different tricks to delay the process. One of these tricks is teeth whitening strips, which people can buy OTC or over-the-counter and utilize to clean dirt and whiten their teeth.?

Whitening strips are a well-known tooth whitening product that is helpful in removing stains and whitening the teeth. Since they are not as successful as the cure of a dentist, they can be an easier and cheaper option. After all, people must read the ingredients of the strips and use them properly.

What ADA Says About Teeth Whitening Strips?

People generally make use of teeth whitening strips onto their teeth. Even though the strips include chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, the American Dental Association or ADA says that they are secure and useful if they include the Seal of Acceptance from ADA. Nevertheless, some people can have a negative impact while using any product for teeth whitening.

In this post, we will discuss whether whitening strips work or not, what to consider when purchasing them, how to use them, their benefits and drawbacks, and how to ignore teeth staining.

Are They Effective?

As per the American Dental Association, whitening products such as strips, can help much in removing both inner and outer stains on teeth. A recent review also says that teeth whitening strips are an adequate OTC agent that generally works better than different over-the-counter whitening agents like whitening toothpaste.

Alternatively, it is essential to notice that household teeth whitening strips include reduced whitening elemental concentrations than dentist-recommended products. People with densely stained teeth or increased expectations cannot get the outcomes they need through OTC whitening strips.

Moreover, the strips? effectiveness may depend on the chemicals? power and how extensively individuals put strips on their teeth. Proof shows that employing teeth whitening products that include hydrogen peroxide can affect tooth health. Thus, it may be suggested to consider the use of these products after consulting a dentist.

What to Consider While Buying Whitening Strips?

When buying teeth whitening strips, people need to look at the following things:

  • Components: People should buy products that include proven components or ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide.
  • Dentist recommendation: It is suggested to consider products with confirmation from dental associations.
  • Reviews: People may also read customer reviews to know what several people have said about a particular product. An evaluation of before and after images can give an exact view of what to anticipate from a specific brand of the whitening strip. Also, an individual can request their dentist for detailed guidance.

Process to Use

People must read any information with care, which is given in the product?s packet and rules before the use of whitening strips.

Since a person usually applies the whitening strips to their teeth, producers may advise ignoring brushing teeth right away before applying the strips. An individual then will keep the strips on their teeth for the mentioned period. This period may differ among products, but it is normal to keep the strips on teeth for approx. thirty minutes.

Producers may also approve of the perfect recurrence of use for their whitening strips. A typical recommendation is to use whitening strips two times regularly for two weeks.

These instructions can be different depending on the product. Thus, a person must follow the rules on packing and never wear strips for more than the period producer advises.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Teeth Whitening Strips

The benefits of using whitening strips by BonAyu are:

  • Resultant whitening
  • Simplicity of use
  • No requirement to visit the dentist?s clinic
  • Cost-effective

While there are benefits of using teeth whitening strips, there are also some drawbacks. These are:

  • The strips can create side effects like tooth sensitivity and gum inflammation. Anyhow, teeth sensitivity is less probable to take place with household lightening than it?s with in-office methods.
  • Since whitening strips for teeth include bleaching agents to attain their impacts, the excessive use of these products can harm a person?s teeth.
  • It?s possible that some individuals will not get the outcomes they look for with household whitening strips, which cannot have startling impact. A person requires having different sessions to get evident outcomes.
  • It seems difficult to keep the strips in their correct place, so the use of them can be quite complicated.
  • Teeth whitening periods can take approx. thirty minutes, so using them needs time and self-control.

It?s feasible that people can get adverse effects if they don?t go after the producer?s instructions. If a person has disease in the gum or different dental problems, they must consult a dentist prior to trying over-the-counter whitening strips.

Reasons stains develop and their prevention

There are distinct reasons why teeth may develop stains over time. These are:

  • Excessive consumption of certain drinks and foods like coffee, tea, and red wine.
  • Using tobacco products.
  • Medicines for allergies and blood pressure.
  • Wear and tear because of trauma or aging.

People can try to ignore staining by restricting their intake of foods and drinks that are recognized to stain teeth. If medicines are the offender, then a doctor will give other available options.

Possible Choices in Teeth Whitening Products

There are two types of whitening products for teeth: products given by a dentist and products available through OTC sale.

Apart from whitening strips, various products available via OTC are:

  • whitening paste
  • mouthwash
  • gels
  • trays
  • powder

An individual can also get whitening products or solutions from their dentist. Lightening products offered by dentists are generally more condensed. Alternatives offered directly from dentists are:

  • customized dental trays with lightening gels, for either household or in-office usage
  • bleaching with light-activated method, which is an in-office process
  • Potential or power bleaching

Some people choose to use organic products to take out stains, but most details of efficiency are anecdotal. Furthermore, proof suggests that baking soda is quite helpful in whitening your teeth. A previously done review suggests that brushing with baking soda-based toothpaste is a successful and secure method to reduce stains.

Same as likely risks of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide, it is essential to take care if using some products that people every now and then recommend like fruit drinks, scrubs, or vinegar. These may cause harm to the teeth or make stains on teeth even more harmful.


Teeth whitening products like teeth whitening strips are normally safe to use and can be an advantageous and profitable method to take out stains from the teeth. Yet, it is necessary that people use them properly to bypass negative effects.

People thinking of using teeth whitening products might wish to talk over them with their dental specialist. It is also essential to look at user reviews, dentists? suggestions, and lists of ingredients.

People also wish to set their hopes and accept that it may take some time to get visible results. Even though household bleaching products work to some extent, they are not able to produce results equivalent to those of in-office bleaching processes.

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