5 Teeth Straightening Options for Kids

If your kid has crooked teeth and you’ve been considering trying out some dental treatments for them, here is a list of the most effective teeth straightening options you can try out with the help of a good orthodontist.

Serial Extraction

There is a great way for you to help your child have straight teeth without having to spend a fortune. Sometimes, you don’t even have to consider techniques such as using braces when serial extraction is a thing. With a little tooth-pulling, you can help solve your kid’s problem. It’s important that you take your child to the orthodontist while they’re young. The doctor will be able to pull out some of the baby teeth, thus creating more room for other teeth to settle in without making a crowded space. This doesn’t mean that the problem will be solved permanently, but it could potentially save you money and your child won’t have to go through unnecessary pain when they grow up.


Headgear may not be the most pleasant solution for crooked teeth and many people seem to avoid it, however, it’s been proven to be effective. It is worn around the head and face and its main purpose is to correct the jaw by aligning it and putting it in its place. You may be shocked that a device like this is still around and being widely used. However, if your child only has a few crooked teeth, the dentist probably won’t recommend this device. A headgear is only used for more serious cases where the whole jaw has to be realigned.


There are numerous different kinds of appliances that can help straighten out your child’s teeth. Some are fixed and others are removable. The technical term we use is appliances but you can also refer to them as retainers. To help your child get ready for wearing braces, you can get retainers for them. They will wear them around the clock at first and then, later on, they will start wearing them at night only.


The most effective way for your kid to get their teeth straightened with the help of braces. The process is very simple. You make sure to visit a professional orthodontist who is going to take a good look at your child’s teeth and determine what kind of braces your kid needs. Going on regular dentist appointments so that the dentist can track progress is very important. The braces your kid gets can be clear or porcelain, but they will most likely be metal. Make sure to have a talk with your kid and let them know that wearing braces will be painful but it will be worth it.


Lastly, another great option for teeth straightening is Invisalign. It is a clear and removable device that covers all of the teeth at once. It’s good for both kids and adults. It’s especially great for teenagers. Orthodontists will usually recommend it for kids over 13 because all of the teeth have to be permanent. This device is meant to be worn 20 to 22 hours every day, except when you have meals. It can be easily removed for that. The patient is meant to get a new device every 2 weeks. The treatment can be a bit pricier but it takes just as much time as wearing braces.


In conclusion, there are several different options for teeth straightening for your kid. The safest way to go about it is to take your kid to a reliable orthodontist and see what professional recommends.

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