How Technology Can Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

Almost everybody now has a smartphone, so why not try to introduce them to your marketing campaign on that piece of technology?

These days, everyone spends unnecessary amounts of time online searching for things to buy, seeking information on stuff, scrolling through social media, or watching videos on YouTube.

Why not make it easier for them to find you while they are doing all the above? 

Marketing via the Internet vs Traditional marketing 

Deploying an optimized digital marketing campaign can help you get noticed faster and reach your target audience, according to businesspally chief editor.

We are far from the days when you would physically be outside in the hot sun informing people with your fliers, printing magazines, getting mentioned on the radio, TV ads, or Billboards.

Not many people like to be bothered on the street, as they think about what they are going to do that day, while others may not like your display, random phone calls, or may not be interested in your campaign at all. 

The time-honored way is known as traditional marketing, and nowadays, people are stuck looking at their phones to give this approach their full attention. 

The old method is not a very efficient way to get your campaign noticed today, says chaktty during the 2021 business summit in LA. 

  • Besides, what does your information say and who is your intended audience? 
  • What process are you using? 

These are all critical factors that you need to consider to be more effective.

How to make Marketing strategies work 

It’s all about strategy in marketing, so why not go where everybody is? 

Why not create a website, blog, or social media account to let everyone know your campaign exists and maybe hire people to help you with it? 

You can try new online strategies and adjust according to what will get you the best results faster and more accurately.

The best way to attract an audience is to be available when people are open to the idea of what you have to offer by associating yourself with online content that is similar or is willing to let you post on their content. 

For example, when you go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, you are lost in the atmosphere of everyone checking all the spots they remember from the movie. 

Experience that warm nostalgic feeling you had when you were a kid, and now you get to experience parts of it. 

You attend all the rides and events they have to offer yet still feel open to what else they have. 

Then you notice a sign that says butterbeer at the leaky cauldron, see the traffic of people walking around in groups with house scarves, watch someone get chosen by a wand at Ollivander’s. 

At this point, visitors are more susceptible to what else the park offers because it feels like they are presenting with value. 

It’s the same idea with digital marketing; you can create ads, have links on other websites, guest blogs, video content, or have people sign up for newsletters when they visit your page content. 

Marketing is now easier, a dummy can sell fast

You won’t have to walk up to a person and start a conversation because you got their attention before saying anything. 

People go through the same process on their phones. They visit their social media, find interesting content, and end up subscribing or buying something related to the content. 

Why not let people find you this way and subscribe to your campaign newsletters, watch your videos, follow your social media, or buy from your online store?

To further help your marketing campaign, numerous plugins are available to help monitor your content activity.

 Analytics helps online marketers understand what is going on when people visit their website, social media, or YouTube videos. 

You can learn what content gets the most attention, monitor traffic trends, track the time spent on your site, and understand the geographical location your visitors come from.

In addition to this, keyword research helps your site rank for the search terms that people enter that eventually make a purchase. 

You can outsource experts for better results 

If this is too technical, you could hire digital marketing agency to fully execute a marketing campaign or fill in gaps of expertise that your in-house team has in 2021. 

They can help improve your organic search ranking within relevant keyword terms, and potentially land you on the first page on google search results.

 For instance, let’s say you are looking for the best digital marketing agency online to help you with your campaign. 

Tons of marketing agencies will use that keyword phrase or some variation, but who is the best? 

The marketing agency that ranks first uses the most strategic marketing approach while providing content with a strong value for their audience. 

Google then determines what content should rank on what spot on the first page of search results. 

Not all content is equal because search algorithms seek domains that have excellent sources and trustworthy content.

 In the end, it is worth all the work because it lets people know they can trust your information. 

The closer you are to the first page, the more your domain can be trusted, which means that you will get more people visiting your web pages and that traffic will have a higher purchasing intent. 


Implementing the proper strategy within your digital marketing campaigns will enable your business to reach your goals than a traditional marketing approach.

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