10 Technical SEO Issues You Might Have Right Now

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The foundation of SEO needs to be perfect to attain the result-driven services of business promotion. Whether it is the alignment of off-page SEO, on-page SEO, or keeping a check on the technical issues that are affecting the visibility of the website is essential for marketers. Most of the time, despite the varied digital marketing efforts, some or the other SEO actions require attention. In such circumstances, conducting regular website audits, optimizing the SEO content, and identifying the technical SEO issues thereby fixing them should be prioritized. According to the best SEO agency in Gurgaon, multiple SEO issues from the technical perspective go unnoticed and they impact the positioning of the website in the search engine negatively.Ā 

Letā€™s take a look at some of the top SEO issues that can be rectified, thereby, witnessing positive results: 

  1. Slow page speed

The visitor retention rate on the website is determined by the page loading speed. In case, the page loading time exceeds more than 3 seconds, then, the probability of bounce rate may increase. In fact, the page loading speed also influences Google’s algorithm. Thus, conducting the page speed audit for mobile and web versions of the website should be considered. 

How to fix this issue: 

From the multiple solutions that are used for page speed optimization including server response time management, Javascript minifying, image optimization, and browser caching, the best option should be chosen to fix this issue.

  1. No HTTPS security

When the user browses your website if the red background is among green and grey backgrounds then, it may denote the unsecure certificate. In many cases, users refrain from accessing websites that are not secure. You can check whether your website is by entering its URL and looking for the background color and information. 

How to fix this issue: 

Obtaining the SSL certificate from the certificate authority and embedding it with the website will make your website secure.

  1. Incorrect site indexingĀ 

When you look up your business on Google, and it does not show in the results, the reason could be an indexing error. If the web pages are not indexed, the targeted users cannot find them, hence, this technical issue related to SEO must be fixed. In order to find the status of web pagesā€™ indexing, you can search for ā€œsite:yourwebsitename.comā€ on Google without spaces. 

How to fix this issue:

The first thing to be done is to add a URL to Google if your website is not indexed. However, if it is indexed, but multiple search results than expected, then, spamming can be the possible reason. Additionally, the old version of the website may have been uploaded. On the other hand, if your website has been indexed, but, only a few web pages are being shown in the Google search results, then, a website audit should be conducted to assess all the pages that should be indexed. It is important to remember that Googleā€™s Webmaster guidelines should be followed to fix the indexing issue.

  1. Content duplication

Content duplication is one of the major SEO issues that cannot be overlooked when it comes to getting the website listed in the top search results. Most of all, the search crawlers tend to be confused when the duplicate pages are witnessed and this may result in indexing the pages with the incorrect information that has not been replaced by the updated content. Due to the multiple URL variations, repeated content and the existence of the same content in two or more languages on foreign websites can cause content duplication

How to fix this issue:

Addressing and fixing the above-stated cases leading to content duplication is easy when the rel=canonical settings are modified. It further implies that the content should be configured properly and website audits should be carried out frequently. Apart from these two measures, the hreflang tags should be properly implemented.  

  1. Missing ALT TagsĀ 

The missing alt tags and broken images can pull your business back from tapping the SEO results in your favor. The alt tag used with the image comprehends what the image is about and helps the bot in streamlining the indexing of web pages according to search engine algorithm. Undoubtedly, this issue should be resolved as images improve the user experience through the combination of content and images on the website. 

How to fix this issue: 

With the help of regular website audits, the missing alt tags and broken images can be identified. Thus, by monitoring the image content based on audit results will improve the SEO value of the web page. Alternatively, the internal link assessment should be conducted to find the broken links and replace them with the desired landing locations.

  1. Missing or incorrect robots.txt

According to the top digital marketing agency in Delhi, missing a robot.txt file can affect the SEO health of the website. Similarly, a wrongly configured version of the robot.txt file can cut out the chances of generating organic traffic to your website.Ā 

How to fix this issue: 

On identifying this issue, reaching out to the web developer will be the ideal decision and review the robots.txt file while correcting the same.

  1. Multiple versions of the HomepageĀ 

As discussed above, Google can index multiple versions of the Home page, but, this will may confuse users and Googleā€™s indexing algorithm. Hence, the website will not be indexed entirely. 

How to fix this issue: 

You must check if the location of all the indexed URLs is the same and this should include http and https links as well as the home page. In the same manner, when more than one version is indexed, you should ask your web developer to set up 301-page redirects. 

  1. No XML SitemapsĀ 

XML sitemap plays a vital role in helping Google comprehend the content of your website. As a result, the search engine can crawl the web pages and website with utmost accuracy and precision. Therefore, if the XML sitemap is missing, then, your website may not be indexed or crawled over by the bots. 

How to fix this issue: 

You can rely on an XML site generator or ask your web developers to create an XML sitemap according to the updated considerations of the Google algorithm. 

  1. Broken linksĀ 

Due to content changes or updates, the quality of internal and external links is likely to change. This directly leads to broken links, thereby, interrupting the userā€™s search experience. It also denotes that lower-quality links can impact the ranking of web pages negatively. 

How to fix this issue: 

With the assistance and dedicated support of the best SEO agency in Gurgaon, you can invest in internal link analysis services. These services are aimed at identifying the location of the broken links and thereafter, replacing them with the correct or new page. Professional SEO tools and practices are used to fix the issue of broken links.Ā 

  1. Missing or non-optimized meta-descriptions

Meta descriptions summarize the content of a web page in a concise and accurate manner. The indexing process also gets aligned with the SEO goals with the help of meta descriptions. From the engagement point of view, the interesting snippets or meta descriptions can drive in more audience. Hence, missing snippets improper use of keywords or not abiding by SEO guidelines while writing a copy of meta description is one of the crucial issues to address. 

How to fix this issue: 

Creating SEO-optimized meta descriptions for all the web pages that donā€™t include these snippets will be the ideal way to address this issue. On the other hand, for the pages that already have meta descriptions, but are not optimized, it will be advisable to fix the errors in the content by conducting a web audit. 

In conclusion, relying on the dedicated support of a digital marketing agency will deliver efficient and customized results to improve the SEO health of your website.


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