Tamil Rockers Is Not Opening Its Doors

The movie release of Tamil cinema has been hit by some pretty heavy blows lately. Some movies are no longer available on DVD/VCD or from online websites and the audience have also dwindled. The latest hit has been the movie “How to Download Movies on Mac”. This film has been released by Netflix in August 2021 and was ranked as the number 1 movie downloaded by the site. But its popularity was short-lived and there were complaints about the pirating of copyrighted materials which led to its sudden cancellation.

The U.S Controversy

This was followed by a controversy in the US, where the filmmakers accused the US government of piracy. They said that the government was using torrent sites to get information on how to download movies illegally. This is when TamilRockers was in the news for the first time. It was not the first time they used torrent sites for releasing movies in the country, but it marked the first instance when the government started getting serious about it.

There was an attempt to use copyrighted material to generate revenue through other means. This was done by the Tamil film directors. All the major Tamil cinema directors have their websites where they upload all their latest releases along with some information related to upcoming shows. But the biggest controversy happened when the Hyderabad headquarters of Telugu film director Shankar one day demanded that all the movies released by his company must have torrents. Why TamilRockers is not opening is a question that everyone must ask themselves.


Most of us must be curious about the entire event. Why TamilRockers is not opening is not only a question that we can answer for ourselves. The other possible reason is that the Hyderabad authorities have not allowed people to freely download and use Tamil movies. They have also made a lot of hindrances to protect their copyrighted material from people who are thinking to steal it. This is in violation of copyright laws in India. Most of the movies are being pirated by people across the country. tamilrockers latest url

If you are a regular user of the internet, then you must have noticed how common it has become for people to download entire movies even if they do not have enough money to buy them. The internet is no more a safe place for downloading free content. A recent study has revealed that every second cybercrime is taking place in the country. Most of the movies are being pirated through torrent sites.

IT-based Technology

 People are getting excited and curious to know why Tamil movies are not opening. With the recent development in the IT sector, most companies are considering adopting IT-based technology to make their products available in the cyber world. Some of the companies have already started to offer movie download services over the IP network. Some of the websites even provide free downloading of Tamil movies as well as other popular Tamil films. In this manner, people can now watch Tamil movies even if they are not ready to spend any money on them.

Increase In Demand

This is how it all started. An entrepreneur by the name of Vijay Kumar started an operation to sell illegally pirated copies of Tamil movies through an online portal. He advertised the service through a website. Since many people wanted to download pirated copies of movies, the demand for the same increased. People would also pay an amount to the website in return for the movies.

As more people came to know about how easy it was to download pirated movies, they got hooked and started downloading them. They found that their friends and relatives also had these movies on their computers. This was how torrents or file sharing became a popular activity in India. The government realized this and decided to interfere in this illegal activity but to no avail and torrents or file-sharing sites in India have not opened up.

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