Stunning Hair Jhoomar for beautiful women:-Jhoomar Or Jhoomer

forehead hair jewelry

Jhoomar is a triplex or you can say fanlike hair ornament, which women can wear on the left side of the head. It is in demand for Indian Bride for Head or Hair. These types of ornaments are also called Side Tikka, or Maang Tikka, Passa. It is made of Silver, Pearl, Kundan, Gold, or Crystal materials.

Jhoomer Or Passa is the Traditional Ornament that is mostly used by Muslim brides. Mostly the beautiful women who love to wear ornaments wear them on the left side of their forehead.

forehead hair jewelry

It is mostly worn by the Indian and Saudi Arabia women in their wedding ceremony, its design is mostly for the decoration of bride in the Nikah, but right now it is an ongoing fashion trend most of the women from different religion they love to wear in their wedding.

At this time design of these ornament is more in demand across the various countries, It is the dream of most women they love to wear it on a special occasion.

Uniques Design of the Jhoomar:-

So there are various designs of jhoomar are available in the market, so here we are going to brief detail about it.

  • It is available in Multi-colored Jhoomar
  • Jalidar Mirrors Embellished Chapka
  • Chandbali-Shaped Jhoomar With Emerald
  • Pure Gold Passa
  • Contemporary Diamond Chapka
  • Traditional Kundan Passa
  • Trinkets Embellished Jhoomar
  • Pearl strands
  • Polki passa

History of Traditional Hair Jhoomer:-

Passa/Jhoomer is the traditional ornaments mostly women can wear in India for centuries. As well as you can search it is mention in Hindu religious books like Mahabharat and Ramayana. From ancient times, women are wearing Head jewelry.

This Ornament not only uses in a limited area but also use all over the country with slight changes in design and style. Even the statues of Goddess wear forehead hair jewelry.

Different Types of Hair Jewelry

There are plenty of Traditional ornaments for women like: –

1. Maang Tikka:  This is a traditional head ornament that is favorite ornaments for all brides.  This maang tikka is very common for a bride either Hindu or Muslim religion both can wear in the wedding ceremony. This is designed by Gold and Silver that looks so elegant.

2.  Jhoomar/Jhoomer:  It is attractive braids jewelry mostly used by bridal since the Mughal time. This Ornament available in Kundan, Gold, Colored stones, and beads.

3.  Shinka: The ornament Shinka basically wears in Gujarat. The weight of these ornament is heavy that wears on the woman�s head by hooks connected to the hair. The Shinka wore on occasion, weddings, and festivals.

4. Jadanagam: This jewelry is worn in South India. It is wearing by brides to decorate their braided hair and this tradition carries on with Bharat Natyam dancers who wear Jadanagam ornament while dancing performance.

Who can wear Jhoomar:-

Jhoom Ornament is the most beautiful jewelry and this is most loved by women or brides. It is worn by married women or unmarried girls.  Brides mostly wear maang tikkas, but also worn by women of all ages.

How can you use braids jhoomer

  • It is an easy-to-wear simple side-swept buff hairstyle, one side tucked in.
  • It is cleanly backcombed hair with a tight knot.
  • It can be also worn with open braids.
  • It can be side-swept buff style with dupatta carrying from the middle of the head.
  • Left side buff hairstyle to look attractive.

Bridal makeup, as well as Bridal dressing, are a major part of the wedding ceremony. Most brides need to decorate and appear their best on the foremost necessary day of their life. jewelry plays a very important role to boost the appearance and overall temperament of the bride. Therefore, ladies have a jewelry piece for nearly every part of the body together with their braids.

People might think that there isn�t much need for braids jewelry and women can just hold their long braids with a small ornament. However, braids play a very important role in the overall looks of a woman, and hair jewelry simply magnifies their looks to another level.

It is more essential in Indian tradition as well as other country tradition, the brides from all the world. It can wear in wedding ceremony also at festivals.

Price of Hair Passa

Traditional braids jewelry is high in demand and for brides. Mostly in Indian culture. This ornament is available in artificial metals as well as precious.  There is artificial also gold jewelry available but if you are looking for Gold Jhoomer it will available on the internet or you can buy it on the Internet store.


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