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About China

China, also known as the People?s Republic of China(PRC) is the second-largest country in terms of land with the largest population in the world of over 1.4 Billion. Beijing is the capital of China with Shanghai being the largest metropolitan city of China. China is the number one economy of the world with the largest importer and exporter in the world. The geographic location is diverse with mostly dry weather across the country.

China?s MBBS Course

China has the best faculties and education system in the world. At present, 45 colleges/Universities are MCI(Medical Council of India) approved which are only English medium for international as well as Chinese students. So, for Indian students who are not familiar with the Chinese language can easily get enrolled in these universities for the MBBS course.

Unlike other countries like Russia they have a course duration of 5 years + 1 year of compulsory internship which is valid for Indian medicine practice, you just need to give an MCI screening test and qualify it for the certification for practicing medicine in India. There is no need for an additional internship program to be done in India once you are done with the MBBS program in China. To Study MBBS in China, you have to book a seat in any of the university before the NEET examination because the number of seats is limited and this makes competition for the seat hard thereby the seats offered are quickly get booked before the NEET examination.

Why MBBS in China?

All the 45 universities that are MCI approved are also WHO(World Health Organization) approved also which is also necessary for practicing medicine at a global level. Apart from good quality education offered to students, these are the factors that contribute to choosing China over any country for pursuing MBBS in there are:

  • Good infrastructure and student life.
  • All these universities are English medium therefore students don?t need to learn Chinese with the MBBS course.
  • Course fees are around 15-20 lacs which includes all hostel, mess, and tuition fees which is quite affordable in comparison to other countries.
  • MBBS done in China by any MCI approved is recognized by every country. 

Benefits of MBBS from China for Indian students

There are some certain benefits and privileges that are only given to students who have done MBBS from Chinese universities. These include:

  • Students are introduced with modern and latest treatment equipment and treatment methods for the treating of patients while studying MBBS there.
  • Internship done is valid in India too
  • Quality of living is far better than any other country
  • No donation is required for the admission in MCI approved MBBS universities.

45 Medical Universities in China for MBBS

Following are the 45 English medium teaching universities that are MCI approved for Indian students:

1. Chinese Medical University

2. Dalian Medical University

3. Capital Medical University 

4. Tianjin Medical University

5. Shandong University

6. Fudan University

7. Xinjiang Medical University

8. Nanjing Medical University

9. Jiangsu University

10. Wenzhou Medical University

11. Wenzhou Medical University (Overseas Schools)

12. Zhejiang University

13. Wuhan University

14. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

15. Xi?an Jiaotong University

16. Southern Medical University

17. Jinan University

18. Guangxi Medical University

19. Sichuan University

20. Chongqing Medical University

21. Harbin Medical University

22. Beihua University

23. Jinzhou Medical University

24. Qingdao University

25. Hebei Medical University

26. Ningxia Medical University

27. Tongji University

28. Shihezi University

29. Southeast University

30. Yangzhou University

31. Nantong University

32. Suzhou University

33. Ningbo University

34. Fujian Medical University

35. Anhui Medical University

36. Xuzhou Medical College

37. Three Gorges University

38. Zhengzhou University

39. Guangzhou Medical University

40. Sun Yat-sen University

41. Shantou University 

42. Kunming Medical University: 

43. North Sichuan Medical College: 

44. Southwest Medical University: 

45. Xiamen University: 

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