Study in Hungary Without IELTS

Study in Hungary Without IELTS

Hungary is a beautifully land-locked country located in central Europe. Hungary is famous for its culture and scenic locations, like the biggest lake in central Europe named Balaton. Additionally, if you?re a visa holder of Hungary, you are free to move to 25 other countries without going through their visa hassle.

Besides being famous for its lake and other scenic locations, Hungary is also acknowledged by students for its amazing study options. Budapest, which is one of the oldest cities in the world, is also located in Hungary and famous for having a wide range of universities in the region. In fact, about 90 percent of universities in Hungary is located in the Budapest.

Another most significant factor that appeals to a lot of Asian students is that they can study in the country without taking IELTS and it is yet another fascination that attracts students towards Hungary.

Owing to this fact, lots of students head towards top study abroad consultants to get extensive guidance about the visa-plans and study plans in Hungary. However, don?t worry if you are confused about the place you?ve chosen, as this article aims to explain to you all in detail.

Why Hungary?

Hungary is the most welcoming country for students from all around the world who aim to prosper in their educational career. Their hospitality of welcoming students can be analyzed from the fact that thousands of students from different cultural backgrounds gather there to avail of a complete package of quality education.

The multi-cultural environment, along with diverse teaching methodologies and affordable living costs, Hungary is all a student would want when it comes to attaining internationally-recognized degrees.

How is admission in Hungary without IELTS possible?

Is IELTS required for Hungary? This is an important question that bothers every student who aims to opt for Hungary as his study destination. But it is amazing to know that Hungary welcomes students to study without the IELTS requirement.

Admission tests at Hungarian universities are mainly conducted on Skype for the assessment of English. Also, a student can apply for a fully-funded “Hungarian Stipendium Scholarship,” whose deadline is 15th Jan 2020 for programs starting in Sep-2020 intake. 

Applications are now open.   

Admission and document requirements for Hungary

Here is the list of some top document requirements for making into Hungarian university:

  • Passport with 6 months of validity
  • All academic records
  • English proficiency letter
  • Birth certificates and signed visa forms
  • Bank statement of the sponsor
  • Passport size photographs

For more information, you can also head towards study abroad consultants in Islamabad.

Want to enroll in Hungary? 

With exceptional quality educational facilities and barring students from preparing for IELTS makes Hungary a worthwhile study destination. Along with this, the affordable fee structure of Hungarian universities, along with an IELTS-free admission, made it feasible for Asian students, particularly belonging from Pakistan.

Thus, by consulting the best study abroad consultants in Islamabad you can ensure making into top Hungarian universities at a relatively lower cost with expert guidance about attaining legit scholarships.

So, don?t wait and get up to advance in your educational journey as your success only awaits your steps!

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