6 Strategies That Help Landlords Avoid Evictions

Most landlords try to avoid the undesirable task of eviction as it is expensive and time consuming. When they do not find a way to get rid of the bad tenant, they choose eviction as their last resort. Legally, evicting a bad tenant from your property takes time for months or even years. During this phase, you lose a huge amount of your money in the legal procedure, and also the tenant mischievously withholds your rent. So, for your business?s benefit, you avoid eviction and find the ultimate way to force the bad tenant to move out from your property without creating all these kinds of problems in your life.In this article, we?ll talk about the top 6 Strategies That Help Landlords Avoid Evictions.

6 Strategies That Help Landlords Avoid Evictions

Before giving rent, the following are the strategies you should follow to avoid eviction.

Legal Agreement:-

The first and foremost thing you should do is to make a legal agreement with your tenant so that you can avoid eviction. After making the legal agreement, the tenant should be bound to the rules to pay their rent on time, not destroy any of the landlord’s property, and move out on time, given the lease agreement. Landlords into rental investment must definetely compare investment property loans.

To make an effective legal agreement, consider the factors mentioned below.

  • Income ?

To ensure that the prospective tenant can easily afford the monthly rent or not, verify the income proof first.

  • Employment History

 Verify what kind of employee the tenant is.

  • Criminal Records ?

Check out the criminal background of that tenant to determine if they manage to evade the law or have any criminal records in their past life.

  • Credit Score

 To understand their financial responsibilities, get their credit score.

  • Rental History ?

Check out their rental history to verify the nature of the person. Through this checking, you can also find whether the person ever experienced an eviction or not.

  • Personality ?

Give rent to those tenants who are courteous and good-natured so that you can discuss any of the issues regarding renting etc. Keep in mind that according to the Fair Housing Act, the landlord cannot have the right to screen the tenant on the basis of any kind of discrimination like race, color, religion, nationality, sex, family status, or disability. It is illegal and, at the same time, intolerable.

Financial agreement ?

To avoid eviction, you should make a clear-cut conversation about the payment plan with your tenant before giving the rent.

Before renting, you must take a security deposit, which is 2-3 months? rent. It may force your tenant not to leave to any other place without informing, and this strategy also helps you to not lose the tenant and your money. You can specify your payment plan in the agreement so that you can get your money on the due date, and in case of late payment, you can charge a penalty. If you feel that your tenant has genuine problems in paying the full rent at a time, you can make a split payment plan for them.

There is another way for those tenants who are irregular with payments. You can report to the credit bureaus about the late payments of that tenant so that they become aware that a single late payment can affect the person?s credit score negatively.

Make proper Communication ?

Making proper communication is the key to avoiding eviction and making a good relationship with the tenant.

  • Discuss the entire maintenance and cleanliness requirement with your tenants so that they can maintain the property.
  • Discuss all the payment procedures and lease agreement clearly to avoid confusion

In case of late payment, talk with your tenant to find out the reasons for late payments. Do not threaten them but be professional and at the same time also be understanding and keep track of missed payments. If the tenant is honest, you may help them by splitting the payment plan. But be aware and make a firmer approach to those cunning people who try to dodge money by making you a fool.

Maintain Your Property ?

Well-maintained property always attracts tenants. Tenants look for a well-maintained property. Investing in a property will fetch you a good return on investment.

Also, keep in mind that in the Landlord-tenant Law, if you neglect to perform necessary repairs, the tenant can legitimately withhold rent payments.

Cash-For-Keys deal ?

For the prevention of evicting the tenant, you can offer a deal of cash for keys.

Cash for keys deal is giving free incentive to your tenant. It means you have to pay your tenants to move out of your property. You can make this deal if you want to sell your property or want to get rid of your bad tenant. Now you are thinking, why do you pay extra money to the tenant? The fact is dragging the problem out in the court is tiresome and flows a huge amount of money from your pocket. So this deal seems simple than courtly adjudication.

Give the notice to pay or quit ?

In most cases, this formal official document works as a wake-up call for the tenant. It is noticing up in the document that either they pay or leave the property. And if they do not follow the regulations, they have to face legal issues.

If you do not want to come up with these legal strategies and want to communicate with the tenant in a humanly way to make them understand why you want them to move out, you can follow the following rule—-

  • Before the end of the lease term, discuss with your tenant why you want them to move out.
  • Clear up all the issues that you are facing.
  • Be polite to your tenants.
  • If you want to sell your property or if the tenant is unable to give the payment, inform your tenants about the problems you are facing for them.

 To Avoid Tenant Eviction What You Should Not Do

 You have to keep in mind as a rental property owner that you should not take the law into your hands and follow the necessary legal steps. Taking legal action can put you in a challenging situation because no one wants to put out a family on the street. Try to avoid drastic steps against your tenants.

Listings are below that you should abstain from

  • Harassment is a big no-no to the tenant and their family. It means abuse physically, threatening phone calls, etc.
  • Do not install new locks to keep the tenant from entering the premises.
  • You should not forcefully dispose of the tenant’s belongings on the street.
  • Do not show your power by entering your rented property to have possession.

Thus, to avoid eviction, you start automated rent payments from your tenant?s bank account and also make a safeguard agreement to protect your property. When the question of protection of the property comes, an official agreement is the best way which can keep you on the safe side.

It is very frustrating when you want to sell your property and get stuck for the tenant or want to get rid of the bad tenant who does not know the meaning of payment. If you go through the above procedure, it will be helpful to you to provide you with enough ideas.

 In case nothing works on your side, go for the legal procedure because, after all, it is the question of the protection of your property.

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