Storing Gun Safe in the Basement? What you Need to Know

Storing Gun Safe in the Basement What you Need to Know

This is very common that you are confused about keeping your safe. Some people think to keep it in the bedroom, some things to keep it in the office room. But, if you are out of space in your room, what should you do now? Well, there are many people who decide to use the basement for keeping the safe. We do not disagree with this decision. But, there are some drawbacks of the basement storage issues. If you finally decide to keep your safe in the basement, you have to think about different things. You should be aware first rather than being upset after occurring something unpleasant. The thing you should think about before storing the safe in the basement are as follows:

Theft risk

The most threatening thing regarding the safe is there is a high possibility of getting your weapons stolen by the theft. This is very unfortunate if something occurs like this. If you are keeping your expensive liberty gun safes in the basement, the chances of getting stolen increases. So, you should think about the safety issues of the basement. You have to keep that space very safe so that any unauthorised person can�t enter into there without your permission. The basements should be monitored by a CCTV camera that will ensure the safety of that place. Moreover, you have to check the security of the windows and doors of that room. If you feel any weakness regarding those, you should take action immediately.

Humidity risk

Humidity is a great thing that determines the longevity of the gun safes. Your gun safe is made of steel. But, the interior of the gun safe and the exterior paints are very dependable on the humidity of the room. But, the concrete is not good enough to get rid of the humidity from the basement. Humidity can damage the guns and ammo as well. After storing so many days at such a pace, you won�t get the best result at all from the guns and ammo. To control the situation, you can do different things. The best thing to do is to measure the humidity rate of the basement. If you think the humidity rate is more than it should be, you can store rechargeable silica dehumidifiers. It helps a lot to absorb the humidity and keeps everything dry and protected.

Temperature risk

Temperature is another thing that can harm your stuff.� You should be aware of things. You can�t keep your gun safe in hot or too cold places. If the temperature is too high, the ammo will be destroyed. If the temperature is too cold, the guns and rifle will stack. So, determining the right temperature rate is very crucial. You should measure the temperature of the basement. If you find the temperature very low, you should use a room heater to enhance the temperature of the room. If you find the temperature very hot, you should use the cooler to control the temperature. This is a crucial thing. So, don�t ignore it at all.

Fire risk

Fire risk is another thing that you should be aware of. You should measure the fire risk of the basement when you install the gun safe. You should not keep anything flammable stuff around there. You should install a fire alarm in the basement. If there is any fire, you can get it known instantly. Moreover, you should check out the electrical wiring of that space as well. In this way, you can make the basement fire-protected.

The gun safe is for the protection of guns. But, you won�t get the result if you don�t keep the gun safe securely. Keeping the gun safe at the base is definitely a good idea. But, you have to consider the above things before leaving the gun safe in the basement.


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