How To Stop Jealousy & Aggression In Dogs

Have you ever heard a dog whining when another dog gets attention? Did you notice your dog growling at you, or standing between you and me or someone else? If yes, it could mean that he’s feeling jealous and is trying to maintain his place in the pack hierarchy.

Some dogs are naturally more prone to feeling Jealousy and aggression than others, which is largely due to their breed and genetic makeup. However, there are several outside stimuli that can make them lash out in these ways. A huge cause of aggression in dogs is when they start feeling Threatened because they’re usually reacting to an outside source rather than the person or animal at hand.


Aggression can be seen in two types of behavior – dominance and territorial. Dogs that are dominant will show aggression towards other dogs by attempting to establish themselves as the alpha dog, whereas dogs with territorial aggression will attack any unwelcome intruder. Dogs are loyal and loving pets, but they have a dark side as well. The majority of dog owners know that dogs become aggressive when they are threatened or feel vulnerable.

Guarding of Resources:

Owners of dogs are increasingly aware of the need to control aggression and jealousy in their pets. Jealousy is when a dog feels that another person or animal is intruding on his turf and this may manifest itself in one or more of the following ways: growling, barking, snapping, lunging at or jumping at the intruder, trying to get between you and the other person or animal, guarding a favorite toy or treat, refusing to eat food and secretive behavior. In order to stop this problem owners need to be aware of what triggers it and how best to address it.

Destructive Behaviour:

Dogs are known to be territorial animals, they dislike it when someone else comes into their territory. The reasons behind this behavior can be many. In this article, the author will discuss some of the main reasons for guarding resources in dogs. Jealousy is a feeling that distorts someone?s thoughts and behavior, acting out in ways that are hurtful to the person feeling jealous. Jealousy can arise when one person feels their significant other is being unfaithful or when they feel that the other person does not spend enough time with them.


The number one cause of aggressive behavior in a dog is jealousy or aggression towards another animal in the household. Jealousy in dogs can manifest itself as a completely different type of aggression. It may come out as growling, nipping at the other dog, or even biting that animal. Aggression and jealousy are common behavioral issues in dogs. Dogs groom themselves when they feel anxious, bored, or stressed. You need to understand that grooming is not a bad thing in itself. But it can become a problem if your dog is engaged in excessive grooming- self-injury. You can help your furbaby by providing rope toys for their playtime.

Avoid Interaction:.

If you’re a dog owner, you know that dogs can be jealous of your attention. Dogs are pack animals and will want to feel important in your pack. When a dog feels excluded from the pack, it can become aggressive with other dogs or people.

The best way to prevent this behavior is by avoiding interaction with dogs who may be jealous of your relationship with their owner. Don’t play with other dogs when it’s just the two of you, and don’t pet them when they’re trying to get your attention. This will help prevent jealousy from taking over.

Toileting Misconduct:

This is a common problem, especially in small dogs. They’ll pee on the floor because they don’t want to sit on the toilet. They’ll poop in your shoes because they want you to pick them up and carry them outside. This behavior can be very bad for your dog’s health as well as your own sense of hygiene. You may feel like you’re being forced to do something that you really don’t want to do.

It’s also important not to punish him for his behavior when it’s not done intentionally. For example, if he pees on the floor by accident while running around excitedly in your house, then don’t make him sit or lie down while he cleans up after himself ? that will just make him more stressed and anxious than ever before!

In Conclusion –

The method works because dogs being jealous and feeling least pack leader opportunities can result in aggression between pack leaders. You need to understand that dogs are different from humans, & should be treated differently. The method speaks for itself & this popular article has convinced thousands of dog owners that hiring a professional dog trainer is a must in an effort to avoid aggression issues in their dogs.