Know More About Fundamental Farm Machinery Require To Start Your Agriculture Business

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    To start an agricultural business, one of the most important aspects to consider is the type of machinery you require and how much you are willing to spend to start your business properly. On average, over 25% of all operating costs for a farm are spent on machinery. 

    If this is your first time starting an agricultural business, you may be overwhelmed by the thousands of different types of machines and brands that are on the market today. Each machine has their function and each brand has their own unique advantages or disadvantages in terms of quality, price and functionality. A lot of first time farmers will make a few costly mistakes, including buying too much equipment and not buying the properly sized equipment for what they want to farm.

    In this article, we hope to provide you with the correct information about the type of machinery you should buy based on your needs. We will help you prepare, understand and evaluate your needs and help you compare the options that are available on the market today.

    Pinpoint Your Needs

    There is a lot of farming equipment available because farming is a vast industry that hits all sorts of aspects. The farm you are starting will be a lot different than the farm down the road. Take a look at your land and what you will be farming. Your equipment may be limited to the type of buildings you have, your economic standing, and your personal preferences. Here are a few things you should ask yourself before purchasing farming equipment:

    • What type of farming will I be doing? 
    • Will I be working mostly with land or with animals?
    • What type of animals will I be farming?
    • Will I be mowing a few acres of land or will I have to spread fertilizer and cultivate soil?

    After you have decided what type of farming you would like to do, you can then start browsing the proper equipment that will work best for your situation.

    Different Types of Farming Equipment

    Here is a broad scope of the most popular pieces of farming equipment for small and start-up farms.

    Know More About Fundamental Farm Machinery Require To Start Your Agriculture Business

    Compact Tractors

    You can?t have a farm without a tractor! They are used to easily push or pull everything on your farm. When you think about a tractor, you may only picture a simple piece of machinery that goes from point A to point B. But as technology advances, tractors nowadays are actually pretty advanced and perform a wide range of tasks. When you are starting an agricultural business, you will need a compact tractor that ranges from 15Kw to 50Kw. 

    Tractor Attachments

    Tractors are also a versatile piece of farm equipment as you can use a wide range of attachments to get different jobs done quickly and efficiently. Some of the most popular tractor attachments include mowers, tillers, loaders, hay balers, seeders, sprayers, and a lot more.

    Browse through the many attachments but only purchase the ones you need to start your farm. Afterwards, you can add new attachments as your farm advances, but it?s important to save a bit of money when you are starting your farm by only purchasing the equipment you need right now. Also, make sure you purchase the properly sized attachments. A bigger attachment on a smaller tractor won?t help you get the job done faster. In fact, it will make your tractor work harder, which can cause it to break down faster.

    Harvesting Equipment

    If you are starting a crop farm, investing in high-quality harvesting equipment can help you save a lot of time and money during the day. They are able to work over 150 acres per day to harvest crops like wheat, potatoes and beets. The upfront cost of these machines can be quite costly, but if you think about the amount of hours you save per day, it is well worth the cost.

    Equipment for Livestock

    If you are starting a livestock farm, you will need to have essential equipment like shelter, transportation, as well as food and water supplies. You will also need equipment like feeders, water bowls, hay racks, and watering systems.

    One of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a livestock trailer to help move your animals around. You will need to find a trailer based on the type of animal(s) you are transferring and the amount. You want to ensure that your animals are comfortable while in transport and have enough space to move around.

    Another thing you will need if you have livestock is high-quality fencing. To keep your livestock in and predators out, you will need to have proper fencing. For example, you will need high fences if you have cows to keep them on your land. You can also choose to have electric fences, but you will need to have safety warnings around the fence.

    Test Out The Equipment

    Know More About Fundamental Farm Machinery Require To Start Your Agriculture Business

    Most pieces of farm equipment are an expensive investment; you want to make sure you are comfortable while operating them. When testing out the equipment, it?s important to keep the ergonomics in mind. You should feel comfortable when sitting, using the pedals, and steering the wheel. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect, you may want to find a different option as you will be working with these machines for hours on end every day.

    Look At Different Brands

    When it comes to farm equipment, there are many different brands on the market, and it?s important to choose them wisely. Some of the most popular brands include Massey Ferguson, John Deere, New Holland and Case IH. All of these brands make high-quality farm equipment, so it?s really up to your personal preference or based on recommendations from friends and other farmers.

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