Why Gojek Clone App Can Be a Successful Multi Service Business Idea in 2022

Smart Entrepreneurs are always on the search for a business opportunity that helps them earn piles of cash in the shortest time possible. 2022 is just around the corner and such budding Business Enthusiasts are again looking for a Multi-Service Business Opportunity to get that early bird ticket to Market Share in the Multi-Service Industry.

For ambitious Entrepreneurs like you, there is one golden ticket to build the strongest stand in the ‘new business market’ – Gojek Clone App. Successfully launch your Multi-Service Business idea in just 7 – 10 Days with Gojek Clone App.

Why launch your very own On-Demand Multi Services App with Gojek? Well, Cube Taxi is a Licensed White-Labeling Company of Global Repute that will rebrand its Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. And will Customize it inside out by integrating the App with your Preferred Local Language, Currency, and Payment Gateway. Gojek Clone will rebrand your App and Website in such a way that no one in the world could ever get to know that it is designed and coded by this Top-Notch Firm.

 multi service business

Let’s see other dazzling reasons as to why this App can be your first choice.

Alluring Multi Service Business Revenue Models

There are two lucrative Business Revenue Models that an App Owner can offer to their Service Providers.

Subscription Plans

The Service Provider can freely choose any Subscription Plan curated by the App Owner. Under this model, the Service Provider only needs to make a One-Time Payment to the App Owner while buying a Subscription Plan of one’s choice. Depending on the requirements and the budget, the Service Provider can choose from various Monthly, Half-Yearly, Or Annual Subscription Plans offered by the App Owner. For instance, a Taxi Driver can buy a Subscription Plan of US$100 for one month.  

Now that the plan is active, the Taxi Driver could happily wave off paying Commission to the App Owner for every single Ride.


This Model is similar to what it sounds like. The App Owner effortlessly earns Commission on every single Service rendered or Order delivered through Apps like Gojek.  Under this model, the App Owner has set a 10% Commission Rate on Detailed External Car Washing. Liam is the Service Provider who is entitled to pay a 10% Commission to the App Owner for every Detailed External Washing Service he offers. Let’s say Emma books this service and upon completion pays the bill of US $45 to Liam via the In-App Wallet. Hence, Liam has to pay 10% of US $45 = US $4.5 to the App Owner as Commission.

With this Business Revenue Model, the App Owner can earn money on every single service requested and completed under the owned App.

High-End and Latest Features

Since a Multi-Service App can offer you a plethora of services, the included features are Best-In-Class, User-Friendly, and Reliable. A few Pioneering Features are:

Item Searching With a Simple Search Option

This feature in the App enables the Users and Service Providers to search for Stores, Items available, Item Categories, and much more under the ‘Store Search’ option. It saves time and allows people to access the desired service within seconds.

Covid-19 Safety Checklist for Riders and Taxi Drivers

In this ongoing Pandemic situation, your Clone App can offer Covid-19 Safety Features and Guidelines for the Riders and Taxi Drivers. The Safety Checklist will ensure that both the parties are following Covid-19 Measures and contributing to prevention against the Novel Coronavirus. The core pointers of this feature are:

  • Face Mask Verification of the Taxi Driver
  • Regular Sanitization of the Taxi after each Ride
  • The Riders are responsible to handle their own luggage on their own
  • Both Riders and Drivers should encourage contactless payment methods like In-App Wallet or Card Transactions.

Voice Note Instructions For Delivery Drivers

The Voice Note Instruction feature allows the Users to record and upload a Voice Note on the App for the Delivery Driver. The Voice Note can include instructions like where to deliver the Package, where to park the vehicle, how to reach the location, and so on. This feature aids in contactless deliveries.

Extensive List of Services

Running a Multi-Service App means you can offer a large number of services under one platform. This will also enable the Users to have instant access to all these services with just a single login. Some Major, High On-Demand Services of 2022 you can add to your App are: 

  • Taxi Ride Booking
  • Moto Ride
  • Car Rental
  • Moto Rental
  • Parcel/Food/Grocery Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery
  • Car Wash
  • Sanitization Services
  • Massage and Spa Booking

To kickstart your business, launch these key Services with your On-Demand Multi Services App. Once you see your growth map scaling upwards, add on more Services and Categories.


Now that you are aware of what this App is, make Gojek Clone App your first choice to start a Multi-Service Business in 2022. Do you want to rank in the Forbes World’s Billionaire List of 2022? Do you wish to earn more money quickly and hassle-free? Then, connect with the Sales Experts at App Development company without thinking twice. With Gojek Clone Script you are guaranteed to go live with the Launch of the Ultimate Profit-making App in just 7 – 10 Days.

What are you waiting for? Contact App Development Company right now!

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