Increase Confidence Start Your Day With Only 20 Minutes Of Yoga Freshness

When you follow the right methods, the entire workout can be enjoyed even in 20 minutes. Yoga focuses on the scientific alignment of your body, mind, and soul. It is a good way to shape the mind and soul so that your mind can get peace and comfort.

The spiritual aspect of yoga ensures that with physical health, strength, endurance, and flexibility, you are able to enjoy confidence, growth, and success in all aspects of life. Let us tell you about those yoga asanas which can be done in just 20 minutes.

This is a selection of 5 Yoga Asanas that we should try every morning.

Cool exercise

The soothing exercise is a short exercise to warm up the body before starting your exercise routine. In this yoga, warm-up starts from the toes upwards. Begin by slowly heating both your legs and ankles. Warm the legs and knee joints. In some hip twisting; Round the arms in both directions. Create rest and lower back stretch through the cat-cow stretch. Begin heating the neck slowly through head and neck twisting.

Practice Himalaya pranayama

The Great Himalaya is a source of powerful and divine energy that has many mysteries about yoga, spirituality, spiritual existence, universal mysteries, and more. This full-body workout is a way to show respect, reverence, and gratitude to the mighty mountains.

Himalaya Pranayama

Start this pranayama with feet.

While doing Pranayama, make your body bend down half to make Samkonasana.

Holding the ankles with your palms while exhaling.

After this, move the palms forward and lie down on your stomach in exile.

Breathe in and raise your feet and palms up to Shalabhasana.

Lie down while exhaling and push back on the Adomukhasvanasana.

Take your palms back to Padahastasana.

Exhale, and bending half down from your upper body to do the Samokonasana.

Do Pranayam directly.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a flow of postures made of a total of 8 asanas and woven in the order of 12 on each side. Surya Namaskar is a total body workout that brings many benefits for both body and mind. Surya Namaskar is composed of a total of 24 ganas and represents the energy of the Sun, which is said to be contained in the right side of the body.

Meditation – Best meditation

This technique requires a natural environment.

Sit in a comfortable posture like Sukhasana.

Look forward to 5 seconds, look behind you for five seconds, and then right and left, respectively, for five seconds.

Now close your eyes and remember as many things as possible.

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