6 Spotify Tricks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

Everyone is passionate about listening to music. Old age people, young adults, and teenagers all are enthusiastic and love music. Spotify is a music application with tons of songs and audio content. It is available on all devices like android, windows, Mac, or IOS. With Spotify Premium one can avail the opportunity to download up to 10,000 songs each across five devices with the ability to listen to tracks, albums, and podcasts without an internet connection when already saved. Although you can download songs from Spotify without shedding your hard earned money by clicking on the given link ( https://4hub.net/spotify-playlist-downloader/ ). Spotify has a unique design providing several features like streaming quality and music sharing capabilities. It has emerged as one of the streaming giants in 2020. Spotify has many traits hidden which most people are not aware of. Here are 6 Spotify tricks you wish you had known sooner.

1. Google Maps

Google maps provide the layout of roads and the location of cities, towns, and many more. It helps us to reach our destination by guiding us with the right directions. It has a speaker narrating the directions. We can use google maps while traveling and reach our goal more conveniently. Playing music while using google maps is a bit difficult. Spotify has given us a solution. Google maps have a navigation setting where you have an option of default media; choosing with Spotify, you can merge the application and listen to your favorite playlist without interruption. Another alternative is a spilled screen option, but it is not much convenient handling both together.

2. Car view

Music is best when you are alone while traveling. It fills your loneliness and makes the journey more joyful. But driving while playing songs is dangerous. Operating the phone while driving can cause accidents. Spotify has a car view option where all the buttons become larger so that it is easy to play, pause, and switch songs while driving. This feature is ideal for people who have eyesight problems.

3. Google clock

Waking up, listening to boring alarm music every day is irritating. How about starting the day listening to your favorite song. Google clock has an option in the setting where you can merge with Spotify and set your favorite playlist to be played for your alarm. Spotify music will be played for your alarm instead of that regular music. After dismissing the alarm, it gives an option where you can continue listening to Spotify music.

4. New sleeper timer

We usually fall asleep while listening to songs. Spotify has an option where you can set a playlist to be played for a limited time, like 5-20 minutes, until you fall asleep. After a certain time, Spotify stops the music by itself without interrupting your nap. People like to listen to calm music to relax, which is the best solution for such people.

5. Chrome cast

Usually, during a party, there is a problem with arranging the audio system. Playing music on your television is ideal for every party. Spotify gives you the option of casting with your smart TV and play your favorite playlist using your phone as your remote.?

6. Learn languages

Some people are passionate about learning new languages, but they do not get a perfect guide. Spotify has an album called ‘Language Superstar’ with tons of audio in different languages like French, Turkish, German, Spanish, and many more. It is the most convenient way to explore new languages through virtual audio mode. Follow these hacks and use spotify like a pro.

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