Special places to visit in Barranquilla

Being Colombia’s fourth-largest city, Barranquilla is known for its supportive people, incredible Caribbean culture, and colorful Carnival celebrations. The city is located in between the tourist hot spots of Cartagena and Santa Marta, a paradise for travel-savvies and families. If you are looking for some special destination to discover this summer, why not put Barranquilla on your ‘must-visit list’? The city will not leave you disappointed and offers plenty of interesting things to love and explore.

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Zoológico de Barranquilla

Are you looking for an exciting outing with your kids and/or parents? Take them to the fascinating Barranquilla zoo and get some nerve-chilling moments in the zoo. Home to around 500 different animals of 140 species from several continents, the zoo comes with a park-like setting and habitats that resemble wildlife. Watch your kids getting surprised at the sight of the friendly animals and witness them having a great time at the Zoologico de Barranquilla.

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Museo del Caribe

If you love city tours and museum visits, you should spend a day at the fascinating Museo del Caribe in the heart of Barranquilla. Take your kids to the museum featuring interactive exhibits, impressive galleries, significant artifacts, and other objects that showcase the wealth of the native Caribbean culture. Start your journey from the central gallery and explore till the last thing. Guided and self-guided tours are available on site.

Carnaval de Barranquilla

Take some days off from your busy work schedule and enjoy this summer. Visit Barranquilla and be a part of this four-day party of the city. Carnaval de Barranquilla might be the reason the city is most famous. It is a huge blow-out event celebrated four days before Ash Wednesday and is deeply rooted in Spanish Catholic traditions blended with African and indigenous customs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get wild and street dancing to loud music.

La Troja

Get ready to take an ultimate Barranquillero experience at La Troja. Full of exciting nightlife, excellent restaurants, and high-energy bars, La Troja finds a special place on a visitor’s travel list. If you like live music and premium drinks, you should head over to the lovely La Troja Bar or love thrills, plan a barranquillero night out with your closed ones. So folks… make your early plans and book Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets for your entire group from the official website.

Castillo de Salgar

A beautifully restored castle from the 19th century, Castillo de Salgar sits next to the sea in Salgar, just outside the city. Currently, the castle serves as a private events function space but it’s also home to a fantastic restaurant, serving up a mix of indigenous and exotic cuisines. Go for a stroll with your date around the cliff during sunset and cherish refreshing breezes coming from the sea. That sounds romantic, no? Just make your arrangements then, guys!!!

Plaza de la Paz

Spend some quality moments in the main square of Barranquilla, Plaza de la Paz. Plan a day trip to walk around the streets of this beautiful public plaza with a festive vibe and lots of eateries, retail stores, souvenir shops, and other delightful establishments. A great hangout place with plenty of spaces to relax, make friends, and share stories with other people. Have you already made up your mind about this trip? Great!!!

Downtown Barranquilla

The city center of Barranquilla is also a great place to chill out with family and friends. With a vibrant modern culture and incredible things to see and explore, downtown Barranquilla should be added to your bucket list. From huge carnivals to fascinating landmarks and well-visited establishments, you will never run out of things to enjoy, food to taste, parties to attend, and nightlife to live.

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