Space-Saving Garden Ideas

Gardening is a favorite past time of many. It helps you relax and unwind after a long day of work. It also helps to protect the environment and add food to the table. You may put different kinds of plants in your garden, from ornamental plants to decorate your house to food plants like vegetables, fruit herbs, and many more.

As a newbie gardener, one of the things you need to check is the space for your garden. But you don’t need to worry. Having only a little space in your yard does not mean you can’t make your dream garden. There’s a lot of ways to save garden space within your limited budget. Please check out some ideas before getting started.

Reuse Your Old and Broken Furniture

Instead of throwing your old and broken furniture, you may reuse it by making it the base of your plant’s box. It will be a lovely accent in your yard, especially if you’re going to plant any succulent or flowering plants. 

  • An old dresser- Once you already put the chest in your yard. You may open the drawers and put the soil inside it and then plant your succulents and flowering plants.
  • A broken chair- A broken chair can be used as a succulent planter. It will bring dimension to your garden. You filled it with different and complimenting succulent plants and put them in your yard.
  • Your old bed- This old bed can be a fascinating garden design in your yard. Fill the bed with different kind of flowers. It will be an excellent and unique piece in your garden.

Create A Hanging garden

Another way to save up space in your garden is by trying a hanging plant system. A beautiful hanging harden can easily be made by using gutter pipes. This gutter pipes will act as a planter that will house the different seedling or the plant that you want. Once you hang it, this will not take up space in your lawn, which you can use to plant other seedlings. If you’re interested in starting your hanging garden, here are some tips that you may want to consider;

  • Clean and paint the gutter that you’re going to use as a planter. Match the color of your gutter pipes with the fence or place where you’re going to put it.
  • Create the necessary holes in your gutter. It will be your drainage once you already put your plants. 
  • The spot you’re going to put the planter should be exposed to sufficient sunlight.
  • Attach the pipes in the desired place you want to put or hang the gutter pipes. 
  • Add soil and put the plant that you will need in your hanging garden.

Be A Pro With Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is also an excellent way to save space. This kind of gardening is done by suspending a panel containing a series of plants. Unlike potted plants that take up space, vertical gardening done by either free-standing or attached to a wall saves up space horizontally. Due to its suitability for people with limited space, its no wonder that its gaining popularity as a garden system for urban areas.

Try Building A Garden tower

Garden tower is an upgrade of your vertical gardening wherein it aims to recycle nutrients and water from its closed-loop system. It is done by using a submersible pump that forces a nutrient solution to the top of the tower, which drips down and flows to other plants.

This design of gardening is suitable for small spaces like an apartment or those without enough backyard. Contrary to what most people think, garden towers can sustain a variety of flowers, herbs, houseplants, and vegetables 

Be Creative WIth A Garden Bench Planter.

Do you have small benches in your garden that you cant disposed of but are too old to use? You can use it as a bench planter instead of throwing them out. You can use the seat as a holder for your plant, which saves you space in the garden without giving away the furniture that might have sentimental value. It also gives your garden a cute and vintage feel without spending a penny.

A Fence planter box

You can also use the space in your fence by building a fence planter box. A planter box is easy to craft by using old wood pieces or used drawers to make it. Once you successfully created plant boxes, you can attach it against the fence in which you can hold your small plants. It will save space and make your garden more beautiful. You may surround your garden fence with a planter box and put different kinds of herbs, flowers, or vegetables.

Garden trellis

Garden trellis is made from interwoven pieces of wood or bamboo, which can support climbing plants or shrubs. It is applicable for gardeners who want to plant medium-sized seedlings but do not have enough space in their garden. You can experiment with trellis by planting vine plants, shrubs, or used it to hang plant boxes. Its an excellent addition in your garden as it offers flexible accommodation for different kinds of plants

Get Your Rooftop Gardening Goal

What can be more amazing than utilizing unused space in your roof as a garden space? Rooftop gardening is among the most popular space-saving design for the city dwellers. It can be done on your ceilings or on the roof of your greenhouses that are exposed to sunlight. Thus, it enables the plant to thrive. For beginners, it’s suggested using plastic containers and plant boxes for its portability when designing your rooftop garden

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