Smart and Simple Ways to Grow Your Income

When you want to attain your financial goals quickly or are struggling to meet your needs, you may be searching for ways to grow your income. Although you can go for short-term solutions like finding a second job, you need to find a long-term solution to your problems. As you plan, ensure you consider the tax implications of getting extra money to not end up in tax debts.

Here are innovative and simple ways to grow your income.

Your Career

Since you spend a significant part of your day at your job, you can use it to grow your income in the following ways:

Fill the Voids

People get hired to play specific roles, but they fail to do all of those duties. Every department has roles that nobody wants to do. Look around your office and identify these roles and start doing them. Please don?t wait for someone to ask you to do them. Doing the additional job is what will make you indispensable.

Know Your Worth

If you fill the voids and fail to get a raise or a promotion, consider searching for a new opportunity. In fact, you should constantly be looking for a new job even if you are satisfied with your current job. When you move to a new company, you increase your chances of getting a raise.


Once you get that new job, make sure you negotiate with your employer. Many people accept whatever the employer offers because they become afraid that the potential employer will revoke the offer and employ someone else if they dare ask for more. But the new employer wants you. You?ve made it to the point of getting an offer because they want you. Thus, initiate the negotiations until you come to a mutual agreement.

Side Hustle

One way to grow your income is to find a side hustle that you enjoy. This additional job will kick off as something you do part-time while still doing your current job. Some of the side hustles you can try include:


If you have good writing skills and an itch to test the waters, check out freelancing websites. However, ensure you only use freelancing websites that provide integrated payment collection, so you do not have to chase down clients who owe you money.

Social Media Guru

Today, businesses recognize the power of social media, but most do not know how to use it. If you can convince them that harnessing that influence can earn them extra cash, they will hire you to do it.

Virtual Assistant

Although many people have much time during the day, they must assign value to it. Is it cost-effective to hire someone to do things like schedule emails, return calls and emails, dispute charges, invoice customers, or do it themselves? If they value their time at $100 per hour and they have an option to pay a virtual assistant $20 per hour to do these tasks, then they will hire one. You can get this type of job on various freelancing sites. You and your employer don?t need to be in the same location or even talk with them through the phone; you can do everything through email or texting.

Do Online Business

There are various things to sell and several places to sell them. For example, if you have many children?s stuff, books, toys, clothes, you can upload them on Facebook parenting groups. You can start with your household materials as a way to declutter your home. Use your things as the learning curve. Find out what sells and what does not before you use your money buying goods to sell.


Making investments is the best way to grow your income, and it?s easy to get started. However, don?t allow bling investment advertisements to enchant you. Instead, use your discretion and insight while choosing your investment. Ensure you invest in areas you are interested in, do not invest your money in a deal you do not understand, and do not invest more than you can risk. Invest in areas like DST property that allow you to diversify your exchange proceedings among multiple entities. Also, try investing your money in tax-saving investments like provident fund, National Pension Scheme, ELSS mutual funds, and more.

Growing your income takes discipline and patience, but it might become easier than you think with the strategies mentioned above. Avoid platforms that ask you to pay money for you to make money. Be ready to start small and garner your experience. Whether you want to raise a little fun money or have an unexpected expense, you will eventually find what you need. 


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