A basic overview of smart soda?s slushie machine

Looking for a machine that makes a fresh refreshing drink for your customer? A slushie machine is a large, usually commercial machine that is used in the beverage industry to turn a variety of flavored syrups and water into a frozen and slushy type of drink. It is the best suitable machine for your office, bar, cafe, restaurant, club, convenience stores, and more.

Slushie (also known as Slushee) are drinks made with flavored pulverized ice. The key distinction between a slushie and other frozen drinks is that the ice never freezes into cubes or blocks; it remains as tiny icy crystals. Thirty to 60 minutes are required to make the basic slush, depending on the size of the machine and the size of the holding receptacle for the finished product.

Slushie machines are made up of two parts one in the tank and the other in the core. The tank is the place where the liquid is stored and the core is used to freeze the liquid. It is very important to make sure that the temperature of the liquid is not so low because if it is too low then it will freeze. After the liquid is added to the tank the cores play their part and start freezing it. The machine starts rotating the mixture at a constant speed so that the sugar and water molecule bond together before it gets freeze. In this way, a slushie drink is made.?

soda?s slushie machine

The slushie machine comes in two types, the carbonated and the non-carbonated. The main difference between these two machines is that the drink made from a non-carbonated machine does not contain any kind of sugar in it or is made up of artificial sugar. While on the other hand, the carbonated drink contains sugar in it. All sugar-free drinks are made up of non-carbonated machines. As every person wants to be fit in this world the need or the demand for a non-carbonated machine is very high than the carbonated one. There are some things that one should keep in mind while buying these machines. 

Pros ? What do we like about the smart soda Slush Machine?

There are some important specifications that you should see before buying smart soda Slushee machine. 

Technical specification

OptiPour technology provides a fantastic pour every time. Engineering advancements enable a higher overrun, using more gas than a product to provide a more consistent better looking & tasting drink.

Easy to use and clean?

The entire process of preparing a frozen drink is easy and hassle-free, especially if you read the instructions. One can clean this machine very easily as it includes a detachable freezing chamber, tank, cup rest, and a drip tray. All the parts of the machine are very easy to clean.

Variety of frozen drinks

You can prepare a wide variety of frozen drinks as per your preference; everything from slushie, shaved ice; margaritas, and other frozen drinks can be prepared with the smart soda slush machine.

It doesn?t take too much space

The size of the machine may vary as it will depend on you. Mostly these slushie machines are not very big they are small and compact ones. You can put it on your bar counter or your store’s counter. 

At Smart Soda we want you to enjoy the best drink possible and for this, we are making our efforts to fulfill our customer’s needs. Since the launch of the company smart soda is recognized and chosen by more than 500 companies as a healthy beverage solution to fulfill our customer demands. We also deal in many other kinds of products like ice machines, vending machines, water dispensers, and more.

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