4 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business During COVID

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Marketing is going through a metamorphosis because of the pandemic, and small businesses need to adapt. You still have to reach customers without doing some of the things you used to do. The following are four tips to help you market during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Lending a Hand From the Heart

One thing that could help is being a little more helpful to your customers and potential customers. To keep the customers you already have, you can run marketing campaigns, like offering free items that you know people need during the pandemic. This could include toilet paper or masks as long as they’re sealed.

You could also appeal to your customers’ sense of goodwill by saying you’ll donate to a person in need for every purchase. You could donate to organizations you believe in, or you can donate to front-line workers. Make a big deal about this because that makes this marketing tactic effective.

Those who can should offer some products or services for free. A lot of folks will take advantage of this, but a small number of people will come back at some point. Offering a free trial normally produces slow growth, but at least you’ll be growing. Some small businesses are bleeding customers, so this might be one of the best solutions you have available to you.

2. Using Visual Content to Get the Word Out

You want to invest in visual marketing. At the moment, you can’t do the things you normally do like sharing business cards or participating in local events to earn new customers, but what you can do is share visual marketing content. Now, to share visual content, you need to understand that people expect high quality no matter what you end up sharing.

If you want to share pictures on social media platforms, then make sure the images are of high quality. This means hiring a camera photographer that can capture spectacular images. People online pay attention to quality, and if you try to share poor quality images, they’ll likely ignore your marketing images. Be sure to also invest in high-quality video content that you can share on social media platforms and other mediums.

Producing high-quality videos means investing in everything, from professional storytellers to good filmmakers. You also want to make sure you place extra focus on video editing. Ideally, you’ll do most of the editing yourself, which has gotten easier lately with online tools that can do things like rotate mp4 video clips with just a click of a few buttons.

3. Paid Ads are Becoming More Accessible

Paid ads are usually pretty expensive, but this is changing now because of what’s happening with the pandemic. When ad space is sold, part of the reason it’s expensive is that other businesses are attempting to buy that same ad space.

Smaller businesses that are strapped for cash don’t have the money to compete with more established businesses, so they end up missing out. The pandemic has hurt a lot of businesses so much that even medium-sized businesses are buying less ad space.

If you think about what’s happening, it’s heartbreaking because these businesses are struggling, but you’ve got to use this as an opportunity to purchase all the ad space you can. The prices are lower, so don’t let this opportunity go unnoticed.

4. Invest in Geographical Diversification

If your business can offer services or products to people from outside this country, then consider diversifying your marketing. Other countries have handled this crisis much better than America. Many countries have successfully educated their population on how to combat this virus.

Some countries have offered real support to their population so that they can stay home, like universal basic income and much more. The reason you might want to diversify is that people in countries like South Korea and New Zealand are more willing to spend money.

Americans are scared and are dealing with financial struggles the government can’t address. No one is saying you’re going to ignore your customers in America; you’re just recognizing that many just aren’t ready to do business with you.


These are marketing tips that many other small businesses like yours are attempting to adopt, but everyone is trying to get as creative as possible. Businesses like yours want to survive this, and with a little creativity, they can. Don’t be afraid to try something new to get new customers.

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