Things You Must Know About Single Car Garage

Whether you are planning to sale your property or thinking to go for a home renovation, adding a decent-sized garage is one very good way to enhance the value of your property. Most of the Australian homeowners have garages build in their houses because of the various benefits that it offers to them. Now talking about the types of car garages, there are many options that you can go for, but it entirely depends on your needs, space available and your budget.

basic guide throwing light on major points related to single car garage

While most of the homeowners would agree for big sized car garages, but single car garage has been in trend in recent times. Single car garage comes in various shapes and sizes to choose from. Let’s look into some of the things that you must know about single car garage. A single car garage is usually not too big, and in that case, you can go for a single garage for approximately 200-300 square feet. But if you have a large sedan car, then the garage needs to be little more spacious.

What should be the Size of a Single Car Garage?

This is the most important factor where many homeowners get confused. The minimum size of a one car garage can be 12 feet by 20 feet. However, if you want a plenty of extra space on the sides and overhead storage space, then 18 feet by 26 feet would be a better option. However, to get more exact dimensions of garage, you need to consider following factors.

  • Size of your Car: The best way to build a right sized single car garage for your home would be to measure the size of your car first and then begin with the garage work. Whatever vehicle type you own, your garage needs will change accordingly. For instance, if you own a UTE, jeep, sedan or SUV, your garage size will be according to the size of your vehicle type. Also, there should be enough space for both entry and exit, so that moving your car out of the garage becomes easier.
  • Space Available And Usage: The next important factor in determining the size of your single car garage would be the space available and how you would be using that space. Besides, parking your vehicle, garage space can also be used as an extra storage place in near future. On an average, if you have an internal area of 3m X 6m, then you can easily build a single car garage in that space. But remember to take into account the brick size that you would be using to build the garage. And if your car is big like SUV, then you would require a bit larger internal floor area to accommodate it.
  • Cost of Construction: As compared to construction cost of double car garage, single car garage costs nearly half of it. They are cheaper to build as material cost is reduced to half and also the construction time spent by contractor is reduced to half. If you are tight on budget, then building a single car garage won’t burn deep holes in your pockets as it is reasonable, and you won’t have to expand your budget. Talk about extra costs or any excess labor and transportation cost, compare packages offed by two or three companies and then finalize one.

So, this was a basic guide throwing light on major points related to single car garage. We hope readers have got some valuable information from this piece of article. Use this information for your practical applications during building the garage for your home. You can now start the DIY garage constructions or hire experts who offer license and warranty on the products, to get the garage constructed.

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