How to take better care of 925 silver jewellery


Your 925 sterling silver jewellery is made to last a lifetime. But over time, you can notice that the colour of your 925 silver chain with a pendant, is fading or turning black. Does this mean you have to stop wearing your favourite necklace? Some great news: You can restore your tarnished silver jewellery. In order to understand why your 925 silver jewellery tarnishes, how to bring back the shine to your sterling silver, let’s have a closer look. 

Why is your 925 silver fading or turning black?

Maybe you’ve ever questioned why your everyday gemstone jewellery gradually becomes dull or starts to turn black? You can be sure that it isn’t because your sterling silver gold plated jewellery (925) is “poor in quality.” Long-term use and your body’s chemical makeup progressively reduce or dim the shine of the silver. As a result, your  925 sterling silver bracelets may suddenly turn black, blue, or orange due to tarnish.

Why does your 925 silver jewellery lose its shine?

Air exposure: Oxidation, or the chemical reaction that occurs when silver jewellery reacts with the environment, is the most frequent—and inevitable—cause of the fading of your silver. Other valuable metals, such as gold, are similarly prone to oxidation.

Exposure to everyday chemicals: Wearing sterling silver jewellery while doing your daily business puts it in contact with common pollutants, which makes it sensitive to fading. This is a result of being exposed to various chemicals found in products like lotions, fragrances, and cleaning supplies.

Exposure to water: Your 925 silver jewellery’s shine may become dull if it comes into contact with water, whether through storage in a wet environment or exposure to moisture.

Reaction of hydrogen sulphide: In locations with significant levels of pollution, the reaction between hydrogen sulphide and silver can turn your 925 silver black.

Can 925 sterling silver still be preserved? let’s examine.


925 silver jewellery surface lustre can be quickly destroyed by a thin layer of black tarnish. This layer, which is primarily made up of black silver sulphide, is brought on by sulphur-containing airborne chemicals like hydrogen sulphide.

Museum pieces shouldn’t have their tarnish removed frequently because each polishing or chemical tarnish removal process removes some of the underlying silver along with the surface coating of tarnish.

How can you preserve the longevity of your 925 silver jewellery?

You can keep your sterling silver looking shiny for a long time with a little care. So, here are some recommendations you can apply to make your silver a lustrous finish that will stay. Your silver jewellery will not tarnish if you take the following precautions:


Cean the silver first to get rid of any dirt or residue that might get in the way of the tarnish removal procedure. For the majority of items like 925 sterling silver bracelet and 925 silver earring, washing or wiping with a non-ionic or anionic detergent in distilled water will be safe as long as any non-metallic pieces (such as felt pads, bone or ivory handles, or wooden attachments) are kept dry. Rinse the item with distilled water after washing it, and then dry it with a soft towel or warm air. Regular cleaning and polishing your 925 sterling silver chain with pendant will help keep your jewellery like new.

Store with caution:

Air exposure can ruin your precious silver by discolouring it. Don’t just keep it on your bedside or in a jewellery box that is left open. Don’t just store it in your drawer or handbag either!

The best way to store silver is in individual, tarnish-resistant airtight bags. These bags prevent air exposure and maintain the shine and brilliance.

To prevent potential scratching, disconnect the jewellery from its clasp. In order to save time or space, DO NOT jumble numerous pieces together in one bag. We specifically want to prevent the tangling, scratching, and tarnish that this can cause!

Silica gel packets offer anti-tarnish defence as an added measure of prevention. Put one into each bag as a precaution.

Cleaning with a soft cloth: 

Cleaning your silver is a quick and easy technique to keep your jewellery looking new for years.

After wearing, clean with a gentle cloth to remove any dirt or other leftovers before storing in an airtight bag.

To clean the jewellery, pay attention to keeping long up-and-down strokes. In order to prevent tarnish from spreading, make sure to use various portions of the cloth. Circular motions shouldn’t be used in this situation because they could exacerbate the tarnish or grime. Make sure to refrain from polishing any purposefully rusted parts of the jewellery.

Remove your jewellery: 

Wearing 925 silver jewellery frequently exposes it to a number of toxins found in cosmetics, household cleaners, and other goods. Therefore, be careful to take off your jewellery as soon as you finish wearing it.

  • When taking a shower
  • Going on a beach or visiting a very hot locations
  • Doing the dishes
  • When doing workout
  • Or participating in sports

Avoid using other metals:

There is a danger that using other metals will cause your sterling silver jewellery to react and lose its brilliance. Make sure to keep your silver separate from other metals when storing it at home.

Your silver may become rusted and discoloured as a result, losing its brilliance. Mixing silver jewellery with other items composed entirely of other metals can also cause tarnishing, as many jewellery users probably discovered the hard way.

Additional Tip: Lotions and fragrances contain chemicals that can corrode jewellery as well. Before putting on your jewellery, apply them first and allow them to dry. This alone can significantly improve the brilliance of your silver.

Don’t stress out if you discover yourself with tarnished jewellery. It’s simple to restore it to its previous shining splendour! Here are some techniques you may use to give your tarnished silver jewellery new life:

Gentle soap: 

Rub the now-damp cloth on the surface of your silver jewellery after dipping it in a soft cloth and some mild soap.

Solutions for cleaning silver Numerous anti-tarnish cleaning products are available for silver. To make sure they don’t further harm your jewellery, we advise you to perform extensive study on these goods.

Repolishing services:

 It’s preferable to leave it to the professionals to mend your 925 silver items when their colour fades or gets black. Therefore, take your jewellery to a local jeweller to get it repolished.

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