8 Signs Of Rodent Infestation

Controlling a Rodent Infestation is a daunting task. However, calling professionals can make it much easier. Before calling them, if you want to know if your house is infested by rodents, then lookout for the following pointers before you implement the pest control services.�

Population of rodents

The size of a population can also be determined by a few signs. The population is probably not too large if they are only seen during night-time and not in the day. It’s likely that if you see rodents during the day, or see a lot of fresh droppings or new gnaw marks, the population has grown and you will need a pest control Melbourne service.

Rat Droppings

A fresh faeces is dark and wet. If you touch rat and mouse droppings, they will crumble. Near food packages, in drawers, under sinks, in hidden areas, and along rodent runways, droppings are most likely to be found. Inspect the area around the newly discovered droppings to see if there is still an active (or new) infestation.

Gnaw Marks

While droppings tend to be darker, newer gnaw marks tend to be lighter in colour. Many of these can be found on food packaging or even on the house’s structure itself. For example, you can compare your newly discovered chew marks against older ones on a similar piece of material that you know is older. An ongoing infestation could be indicated by the lighter colour of newly discovered marks. To tell whether you have rats or mice, look at the bite marks; larger bite marks indicate rats. Rats are more likely to infest an area that was previously infested with mice. If you are unable to figure out if rat infestation exists or not, without a second thought appoint rodent control Melbourne service

Foul Odour

Rodents can energise pets such as cats, dogs, and even pet rats and mice. In most cases, this is due to rodent urine odour. Look for rats or mice in the area where your pet is pawing. Uncovering hidden areas may reveal an ammonia smell that indicates an active infestation when the infestation is large.

Tracks and Runways

Rodents are likely to leave runways and tracks around your home, which will become less distinct as time goes on. As a result of this, you may be confronted with fingerprints, urine stains and droppings.

You can use flour or baby powder to repel rodents if you are suspicious of having been infested by rodents. It is likely that you will see rodent tracks in the powder if rodents still exist.


The nests of rats and mice are constructed from materials such as shredded paper and fabric, as well as dried plant matter. This means that if you find these areas and any other signs of current infestation (fresh droppings, odour, gnawing or tracks), the house is likely infested.

Scratching Noises

There could be mice or rats living in your home if things go bump in the night. These critters may be heard scurrying along beneath the floors or around cabinets or burrowing behind walls or joists. They may even make squeaking noises if you listen closely. Possums also make such noises, so avail of our possum removal Melbourne services for eliminating them from your premises.�

Rodents in the Yard

Garbage waste, organic waste, and food are things that get attracted by rodents. You should undergo a thorough inspection of these areas for rodent signs if they are located near your residence. The likelihood of rodents invading your home is high if there are no signs of them in your yard or home. 

The above pointers will help you inspect for rodents and prompt you to take immediate actions if you notice one. 

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