Show Concern For Your Skin During Wax Therapy

According to the Medi Spa Los Angeles experts, older skin requiring a waxing process needs more support than younger skin. That’s because they tend to be thinner and saggier in certain areas. By stretching the skin taut, it helps to support the skin before wax application. Applying the wax, starting with a smaller surface area, helps keep your skin taut. 

What you need to know

If you have a laser-treated area, avoid waxing between appointments because you’ll be disturbing the roots; since the hair root is the main target, it’s vital to have it visible during the treatment. According to a cosmetic dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank from New York City, waxing or tweezing can remove the follicle, and the laser will not work. 

Be strategic

For all the ladies intending to have their body waxed, it’s prudent to plan it one week or two after your menses since it’s likely to hurt less. According to dermatologist Jessica Wu, prostaglandin levels are highest before your period, making a person more sensitive and a high chance of swelling. 

Getting a massage

If you’re planning to treat your body with multiple treatments in a Medi Spa Los Angelesit’s crucial to have that in this order, according to experts: start with massage, wax, facial, pedicure, and finish with a manicure. Why should you get a massage before waxing? Because the wax might clog the pores, which may cause ingrown hairs (unremoved hair from the root that curls under the skin). 

Do you use retinoids?

When you use retinoids, you’re exfoliating your skin, and it only means that you have fewer dead skin cells on your skin. Any facial waxing, including lip and eyebrow, is likely to strip away the epidermis resulting in soreness. If you’ve been using retinoids, you need to hold on to the waxing at least for the first few weeks of using retinoids. 

A dermatologist Craig Krafffert says retinoids increase skin fragility. She continues to say that, “if you expose your skin to both retinol and waxing, you must be cautious.” One of her best advice she gives is to avoid retinoids until the redness recedes. 

Exfoliate before waxing

One of the reasons you must exfoliate your skin before waxing is to remove the dead skin cells that might be clogging the hair follicles and results in ingrown. You can also try body wash containing salicylic acid that helps to clear pores and follicles. This type of facial scrub is also ideal for the bikini area, according to an esthetician Lele Gomes at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City.

Do your homework

When you do your homework before waxing, it helps you get the best service, such as what Medi Spa Los Angeles offers. You can find a medspa service provider’s credibility by checking their reviews online or people who’ve heard a similar service. Knowing your ideal shape and the amount of hair you need to be removed enables the process to be quick and seamless.

Avoid intoxication before waxing.

A few pints of chardonnay may seem perfect as it takes off the edge. However, you might regret it during the waxing procedure. According to recent research, acetaldehyde (a breakdown product of alcohol) contains some pain receptors. Drinking before waxing will make your body feel sensitive and prone to pain. 

Prevent ingrown 

Immediate application of a cold pack to the waxed part of your body closes the pores by blocking bacteria from entering. Then you can gently wash the waxed area with a cleanser that has salicylic acid or antiacne pad. One of the recommended ointments by Kraffert, due to its key ingredient (acetylsalicylic acid-aka aspirin), is Tend Skin.

How to reduce redness appearance 

Since your skin is delicate due to the wax pressure of pulling out wax straps, it tends to turn red. However, there’s a way to combat the waxing-induced redness. It would help if you soaked a paper towel in a mixture of half cold and half skimmed milk.

Then remove and place the towel on the specific area for ten minutes while repeating the process after every few hours. An over-the-counter cream like hydrocortisone can also work.

Use a high SPF ointment.

After waxing, Medi Spa Los Angeles experts advise slathering an SPF cream at least 50 and above because the striped skin is pretty vulnerable.

Get used to it

If you become a frequent waxer, you won’t experience the discomfort of waxing. As the CEO and founder of Uni K Wax Centers, Noemi Grupenmager advises, “the more you wax, the less you’ll need waxing.” And that’s because waxing reduces the follicle’s strength. Eventually, the hair regrowth becomes sparser.

In Conclusion, waxing treatments can vary from different areas such as full body wax, arms, legs, or bikini wax. Prior preparation is vital on whatever area of your skin you need to wax, as waxing is an essential first step in the epilation process. Another crucial step is to find a reputable expert to carry this procedure, such as Medi Spa Los Angeles. 

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