Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting – Find Out the 5 Key Differences

Hosting is what every organization or individual needs, to make their websites approachable through the World Wide Web. Hence they are bound to make investments and keep their website performing.

However, things are not so easy as it seems to. When it comes to hosting service maybe the web hosting solutions or media hosting servers like Seedboxes, they get stuck to different types of hosting solutions. Dedicated hosting, virtual private hosting, and shared hosting.

Which according to you seems to be the best?

Well, the confusion lies between the dedicated hosting and shared hosting, as VPS is nothing but a combination of dedicated and shared hosting solutions.

In this blog, we will define how the shared hosting services are different from the dedicated hosting services. Scroll down below.


5 Key Differences Between Dedicated Server And Shared Server

Website Hosting and controlling power: By definition, the shared hosting solution allows multiple websites to share the same resource or access the same server. Due to this sharing feature, it has less controlling power on the server administration, thus making it a bit difficult for the websites to run according to your requirements.

In case you are using a dedicated hosting server, it is only your website that can access the entire resources, instead of sharing the network with other organizations. This allows you to customize your server settings according to your needs by adding preferred programs and applications, meeting the operational needs. Here the level of control is certainly better than the sharing hosting solution.

Allotted Bandwidth and Disk Space: Limited bandwidth and disk space are allotted to the shared hosting users. And in case, you need more space or speed than you have been allotted, you have to pay extra bucks.

For dedicated hosting, the entire bandwidth and disk space are allotted to the user. Hence hardly anyone will need extra speed or space to run their website. There is no resource sharing. The bandwidth or disk space you will be using will absolutely be yours.

Costing: Coming to the price, it can be easily concluded that shared hosting will not be so expensive than the dedicated solution. Whether you buy shared seedboxes or other shared networks, you can save money to a great extent, if compared to the dedicated hosting servers.

Want something affordable? Look for shared hosting servers instead of a dedicated one. But if you are ready for a one-time investment, dedicated servers won’t upset you.

Privacy and Security: Here the difference is, for shared hosting, the hosting company takes the responsibility to protect the website from firewalls and other cyber threats. The company itself installs different security applications to handle this work.

In dedicated hosting, the users can use the entire server and customize it accordingly. Hence, it is the responsibility of the users to take care of privacy and security. Organizations and their IT departments have to be ready with their security on demand applications. However, the solution is less vulnerable to viruses, cyber-attacks, malware, or spyware.

IP Blacklisting: Now, being a shared hosting user, your website can be blacklisted by Google, hindering the website performance. This is because of some websites that are brutally engaged in illegal activities.

Owning a dedicated server thus won’t put your websites on such risks. That’s something amazing about the dedicated hosting server.

What’s The Best?

Whether it is a media hosting servers like Seedboxes or web hosting servers like GoDaddy, selecting the best hosting solution is mandatory.

To conclude if you have a low budget and do not want to spend more than what you have decided then we guess the shared hosting facility is worth to choose. However, it is nothing to hide that dedicated servers are much more beneficial than the shared one.

Therefore, take time, think seriously and get the best hosting solution that meets your purpose.

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