Styling Your Shalwar Kameez for Men

    Finding the right pair of shoes to wear with your Shalwar Kameez can be a tricky thing. After all, you?re going for a specific look here, and what you?re wearing on your feet is a huge part of that! One wrong shoe colour or style type and your whole outfit can be thrown off, and that?s not what you want if you?re headed out to an important or traditional event.?

    You want your whole outfit to tie together in a flowing and sophisticated manner, and without the right shoe to match up, your men?s Shalwar Kameez can look out of place or ill fitting. But we?re here to help you with that! 

    Depending on Shoe Type

    There are many different types of shoes out there, and they can all look great at the bottom of a men?s Shalwar Kameez. However, you?ve got to be sure your shoe type matches up with the length of your Kameez, as well as the context of the event you?re attending or the day you?ve got planned. 

    Our Shalwar Kameez men category has a lot of options, and you may be a little overwhelmed on trying to match up any of the products on offer with a pair of shoes you already own. However, we have a wide range of men?s shoes that could be perfect for styling alongside the Kameez that looks good on you.?

    A Mocassion, for example, is a shoe perfect for all ages, thanks to how slim and subtle the look is. Pairing best with a jacket or straight cut Shalwar Kameez, this type of shoe has a bit more grace and sophistication to it than something like a Sandal. However, a Sandal shoe pairs very well with a Balochi inspired Shalwar Kameez, or any type of Kameez that?s made for the lighter, hotter, and sunnier times of the year. 

    Depending on Shoe Colour

    It can be a lot easier to match up your men?s Shalwar Kameez with your shoes based on what colours you?re working with, compared to if you were just considering the type of shoe to wear. Whilst the latter can ensure there?s some rigid styling rules to follow, the former helps you to feel a bit more free in your choice, and gives you a lot more options to work with as well! 

    A brown pair of shoes, for example, pair best with natural colours. From khaki to greens to navy blues to whites, a brown shoe will help to highlight the specific design and colouring of the Shalwar Kameez for men that you?re wearing. 

    However, try not to pair brown shoes with any colours that are darker than it – black is a no go, for example, but even other shades of brown can be a tricky pick here. A mixed colour shoe will also work well with a mixed or pattern laden Shalwar Kameez, so don?t worry if your pair of shoes features one shade more heavily over the other.

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