Styling Your Shalwar Kameez for Men

shalwar kameez

Finding the right pair of shoes to wear with your Shalwar Kameez can be a tricky thing. After all, you�re going for a specific look here, and what you�re wearing on your feet is a huge part of that! One wrong shoe colour or style type and your whole outfit can be thrown off, and that�s not what you want if you�re headed out to an important or traditional event.�

You want your whole outfit to tie together in a flowing and sophisticated manner, and without the right shoe to match up, your men�s Shalwar Kameez can look out of place or ill fitting. But we�re here to help you with that! 

Depending on Shoe Type

There are many different types of shoes out there, and they can all look great at the bottom of a men�s Shalwar Kameez. However, you�ve got to be sure your shoe type matches up with the length of your Kameez, as well as the context of the event you�re attending or the day you�ve got planned. 

Our Shalwar Kameez men category has a lot of options, and you may be a little overwhelmed on trying to match up any of the products on offer with a pair of shoes you already own. However, we have a wide range of men�s shoes that could be perfect for styling alongside the Kameez that looks good on you.�

A Mocassion, for example, is a shoe perfect for all ages, thanks to how slim and subtle the look is. Pairing best with a jacket or straight cut Shalwar Kameez, this type of shoe has a bit more grace and sophistication to it than something like a Sandal. However, a Sandal shoe pairs very well with a Balochi inspired Shalwar Kameez, or any type of Kameez that�s made for the lighter, hotter, and sunnier times of the year. 

Depending on Shoe Colour

It can be a lot easier to match up your men�s Shalwar Kameez with your shoes based on what colours you�re working with, compared to if you were just considering the type of shoe to wear. Whilst the latter can ensure there�s some rigid styling rules to follow, the former helps you to feel a bit more free in your choice, and gives you a lot more options to work with as well! 

A brown pair of shoes, for example, pair best with natural colours. From khaki to greens to navy blues to whites, a brown shoe will help to highlight the specific design and colouring of the Shalwar Kameez for men that you�re wearing. 

However, try not to pair brown shoes with any colours that are darker than it – black is a no go, for example, but even other shades of brown can be a tricky pick here. A mixed colour shoe will also work well with a mixed or pattern laden Shalwar Kameez, so don�t worry if your pair of shoes features one shade more heavily over the other.


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