3 Key SEO Trends to Follow & Boost Brands in 2020

This is the time when it is necessary to update you all about SEO trends that should be followed throughout 2020. It should be noted that in the field of search engine optimization certain trends have formed, which began to be created, expressed in the last few years and continues to this day. Regarding 2020, we should expect an increase in the significance of such trends. This article is created by Digital Graphiks about top SEO trends for 2020.

Besides link promotion or link building, user experience and voice search SEO strategies, some more important SEO trends will also be continued including mobile first, visual search and artificial intelligence.  Being a reliable and trusted seo company in Dubai, we frequently update you all about all the latest trends and post is also related to this aspect.


If Google succeeds in launching the mobile-first index in 2020, this means that companies will be able to fully appreciate how mobile gadgets are impacting their business success. And yet, even in a situation where Google decides to postpone the launch date to a longer time, companies are still obligated to guarantee an excellent interaction experience for mobile users.

According to a report of BrightEdge, 57% of international Internet traffic falls on tablets and smartphones. In addition, there is a huge difference between the way keywords are ranked on desktop and mobile devices. And therefore, mobile-first content is needed in order to guarantee the good visibility of brands in mobile search. Depending on the pace of development of the use of mobile devices, the demand for local search will be increased.

Google AMP is a website that publishes technology by which you can create web pages that load instantaneously on mobile phones. Given Google’s emphasis on AMP, many publishers are starting to implement this technology on their sites. If you believe the latest data, to date, it has been possible to publish over 4 billion AMP pages. In 2020, we should expect an increase in demand for AMP.

Visual Search 

Visual search can be understood as technological achievements, innovations in the user experience, thanks to which you can transfer the search to a qualitatively different level. Nowadays, the Internet has become more visually targeted. Leading technology corporations like Google, Pinterest and Bing are successfully developing effective visual search engines to capitalize on this trend.

As for 2020, to have a comprehensive SEO strategy, it is imperative for brands to consider how we use visual content, how search engines are transferred outside the text, through which we can study the constantly changing habits in the search field. Gradually, visual content becomes more engaging, while using the latest technology, neuroscience, creating a highly competitive and unique market.

The struggle for users is constantly being fierce, and companies are paying more attention to the process of optimizing individual visual content for SEO.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are already changing how search results are ranked. In addition, through machine learning, users develop the ability to find exactly those results that match their query and its context. This guarantees the most personalized search experience.

At the same time, the development of virtual assistants, as well as voice search, can become the optimal basis for the formation of individual AI systems, as well as for the development of such SEO strategies considering the most relevant trends. In addition, in 2020, Rank Brain, a machine-learning AI system, will continue to be a major factor affecting Google search.

Disputes in the sphere regarding the need for “optimization for AI” do not cease, and yet information has not yet been provided that proves it is worth doing this. In 2020, SEO experts should expect much more changes that relate to machine learning and AI.

And Digital Graphiks, being an expert web development Dubai, will frequently update you about all SEO strategies and trends to boost you brand! 

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