10 different types of Rakhis, along with their meaning.

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Raksha Bandhan is approaching, and that increases the excitement amongst sisters. Women love going out for shopping, and when it is for a festival related to their bond as siblings, the level of excitement increases many folds. Well, buying Rakhi is not a simple task because that involves a lot of understanding.� Every Rakhi seems equally beautiful, making it tricky to select from the vast variants.

That should not be the paradigm for making a choice. The meaning intact with every Rakhi is different and knowing what to wish for your brother, with the kind of Rakhi you tie on to him or even when you send Rakhi online, is crucial. When you buy the same Rakhi for two of your brothers while what you wish for, one is good health and for the other is distancing from the evil eye. Not to scare you, but it would not work for one. Though it’s a traditional belief, don’t festivals have everything to do with tradition mostly?

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The meaning of every Rakhi is present in the list below. See what you want to wish for your brother this Raksha Bandhan and buy Rakhi accordingly.

  1. Rudraksha Rakhi: apart from having a tremendous mythological history, other significant characteristics makes Rudraksha an essential part of Rakhi. If you want to wish happiness, safety and good wealth for your brother, then Rudraksha Rakhi will be an ideal choice for you. Not to forget, Rudraksha is a particular ornament loved by Lord Shiv, so this choice will take you closest to giving a mythological touch to the celebration. 
  • Sandalwood Rakhi: your search for a traditional yet voguish Rakhi ends here. Even after having an ancestral root, this particular Rakhi looks very simple and adds to the festival’s aesthetics. If your brother has some allergy issues, you should choose this Rakhi. If your brother is amongst the group of people who like being a bit formal and wants minimalist things, this Rakhi is appropriate for him.
  • Kundan Rakhi: if you belong to a family where the rituals are more than just functions and look up for the touch of divinity, you should choose this Kundan Rakhi above all. The combination of gemstones and golden foil used to mount it gives the Rakhi an exact religious look.
  • Golden Rakhi: a representation of Goddess Laxmi, gold is a very auspicious metal. It is said to get prosperity and fortune home. So, if this is what you wish for your brother, choose the Golden Rakhi.
  • Lumba Rakhi: if you are lucky enough to get a sister in your bhabhi, this Rakhi is for her. While you go to buy Rakhi for your brother, get some wishes of well being and good health home for your bhabhi as well. Do not forget to buy the Lumba Rakhi.
  • Navaratan Rakhi: made up of nine elements combined, this Rakhi looks somewhat like the Rudraksha Rakhi but has nine beads. It not only decorates your brother’s wrist but brings a feeling of fulfilment in his life. Navratan Rakhis mostly come in bracelet form. If your brother loves to put the Rakhi on for a year, this Rakhi will be a durable one.  
  • Zardosi Rakhi: apart from wishing for good health and happiness, a sister always wants the bond that she shares with her brother to strengthen with time. This one of the gorgeous threading of Rakhi fulfils that wish.
  • Mauli Rakhi: the sacredness of this yellow and red colour thread is not an unknown fact. With the strengthening of the bond, this gets blessings from God as well. Families celebrate Rakhi just with this Mauli and nothing else to keep the religious touch.
  • Silver Rakhi: if gold is for fortune, silver is for good luck. If you don’t stay close to your brother always and wish that his good luck follows him wherever he goes. This silver Rakhi will be a perfect choice.
  1. Swastik Rakhi:  Hard work can fetch fortune and happiness and make your brother’s life a prosperous one. But you are always praying for his protection; this ancient Hindu religious sign will do that on your behalf.

If not in person, send your wishes to him.

This year festivals look a bit different but, that does not change the importance they had in the lives of humans. During this time, people are wishing and praying for the good health and protection of their loved ones. The pandemic has brought families closer. Sisters who live in different cities cannot celebrate as they used to earlier, but Rakhi can always reach your brother’s wrist on time, and when you do so, be it by placing an online order or asking someone to buy it for him. Keep in mind the meanings of every Rakhi in the list above. 


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