Top 5 Sites to Sell Phone in UK?

Every year your operating system gets a new update and you get a reason to get a new smartphone. But what about the existing smartphone that is still working absolutely fine? Also, there are many people who have recently flipped from a bar phone to a smartphone. You may not require two different phones and you may have to get rid of the older one.

But in place of dumping your old phone somewhere, utilize it to generate money for your new device. Simply sell it off and earn money from it.

Thinking where to sell off your smartphone to get the best deals?

Here are the top 5 sites to selling old mobile phones in the UK.

1. Rapid Phone Buyer

If you are searching for a trustworthy place that can help you in recycling your phone to get instant cash, no doubt Rapid Phone Buyer is one of the best choices to have in the UK. There are several reasons why this service provider has topped the list. Some of the massive reasons to trust them are:

  • Sell your phone conveniently in just four easy steps of searching your brand, posting your device, and selling it off.
  • Get the highest price for your old phone compared to any other place.
  • Have a faulty or broken phone? No worries as Rapid Phone Buyer buys that too.
  • You get instant payment when you sell out your phone.
  • All your personal date from the phone is removed soon so that there is no risk of data theft involved.

So, whatever phone you have and in whatever condition it is, you can surely take a chance of selling it here.


eBay is a name that has become quite popular by now not just in the UK but also in different parts of the world. If you are thinking of selling out your old phone at a good deal, eBay can be another great place for the purpose. You can sell your old phone on eBay conveniently in two different ways.

The first way is to auction your phone by adding the option of ‘buy it now’ along with a price. This is the general listing format where you need to put the details of your phone along with the price at which you wish to sell it.

The second way is to auction the phone with the option of ‘best offers’ and let the customers provide the best price for your phone. You can wait for some days and then can sell your phone to the person who has quoted the highest price for your phone.

3. Envirofone

The next best option that you look for selling out your old phone is Envirofone. Similar to the option on the top of this list, Envirofone also is known to offer a wide number of facilities. Customers can sell their old phones as well as can also buy phones from this place.

Currently, there are as many as 4 million happy customers due to the several benefits that it offers. You can sell out your old phones even with damages here and that too with free postages. You do not have to worry about the payments as they are pretty fast and secured. If you wish to buy a phone from this place, then also you get several benefits such as a warranty for 12 months, free accessories, and so on.

4.O2 Recycle

If you are looking for selling out not just your old phone but also your tablets and wearables, O2 Recycle is one place to go for. The selling of your items is quite convenient and comfortable here. Not just selling but also buying any items from this place is equally convenient.

You can even conveniently sell out phones or other items that are damaged. The payment for your sold items is quite faster so that you do not have to wait long for it. O2 Recycle also gives out different vouchers and deals from time to time to make your transactions even profitable.

5.Mazuma Mobile

Similar to old smartphones, there are so many other electronic items that you may wish to sell out when they get old. Whether it is your old smartphone, your old laptop, or any other similar items. Mazuma Mobile is the perfect destination where you can sell them all. You can enjoy a lot of benefits such as free postages, guaranteed price, payment on the same day, and so on. You can conveniently sell your item in just four simple steps of registering your sale, getting your sales pack, posting your device, and then getting your cash.

Recycling your old device has not just become important to fetch you money but also to save the environment from getting even more polluted. Selling off your old devices help in the process of recycling these devices. Thus, you contribute your bit in protecting the nature from electronic pollution too. Choose the right place so that you can conveniently sell off your devices and avail the best benefits out of it.

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