Must-have Security Equipment for Security Guards

ballistic blanket

Living in the world nowadays has become more dangerous than ever before. Although, it is not possible to completely take away the risk there are various things that you can do to reduce the risk and dangers.

Many individuals and organizations hire security guards to secure their premises and home from unwanted dangers and if you are a security person who helps people stay safe. Then you should also do everything to keep yourself safe while you are doing your job.

Being a security guard comes with its own risk and dealing with dangerous situations is part of your job. You never know when a psychotic person can attack you or any gun can start invading your premises. In such a situation, you have to remain cautious and always keep the premises safe by using proper safety gear. In this article, you will find out about the must-have security items for security guards.

Must have items for security guards

Ballistic blanket

Ballistic blankets are one of the most popular types of blanket that are designed to protect the person and also can be used in a tactical situation like containing a bomb or securing a place.

These blankets are made from aramid fiber, which is a synthetic fiber made to handle intense pressure. These ballistic blankets contain multiple layers of kevlar aramid fiber that gives the blanket its strength and flexibility. Then it is covered with a weatherproof cover to protect it from elemental damage. You can use these blankets to contain bomb explosions, and also use them as a ballistic shield against bullets.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is a non-lethal and handy pocket equipment that can be used to handle minute to moderately dangerous situations. If you find a person who is trying to infiltrate your premises or is being a threat to other people, you can use pepper spray to restrain them or scare them away.

Pepper spray is a common and powerful piece of equipment that uses capsaicin as a base chemical. It is the same chemical that is found in spicy food and makes you sweat. There are various types of pepper spray available from different manufacturers and every spray has a different chemical component which can affect its potency. So, before buying pepper spray for sale you can browse the internet or watch some videos to find an ideal pepper spray for your use.


Baton is a short-range melee weapon that is used by several security guards and also law enforcement people. These weapons are designed to provide a reliable defensive option to people. With a little hand-to-hand combat training, you can use them with maximum efficiency.

There are various types and sizes of batons from which you can choose the one that you are most comfortable using. With modern options, you can also order them from online stores.

Bulletproof vest

If you are deployed in a dangerous location where you have to continuously face the risk of life threats, then you must have a bulletproof vest on. These vests are made from the same item as of ballistic blanket. The kevlar fiber provides these vest durability and strength to stop bullets from penetrating.

So, if you are deployed in a dangerous location, you can use a bulletproof vest to stay safe and perform your daily task. But keep in mind, these vests are to protect your crucial parts, so you still have to defend your other parts. But with these additions, you can add to your security.

End note

Whether you are a security person or a law enforcement professional, having these types of equipment will always help you to stay safe and perform best in your work. You can get these items from your local defense retailer or shop them from online stores.