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AV Installation:

At How London, we want to make certain you linger confident in your decision to book a studio or secure a virtual platform. That is why we give versatility in this ever-changing technologically pioneering marketplace.  Our squad always takes the time to give details on the remuneration of using the unexploited potential of such products and AV Installation services. Our engineers work with your lineup to design and tailor the right audiovisual podium for your association. With certifications from industry-leading technologies, our crew is well-positioned to carry an impactful audio-video practice!

Video Conferencing & Wireless Presentation:

The world of visual conferencing can be a modest off-putting at first. We have enormous experience across all types of video communication to relieve pain. While customer brands like Google Meet and Skype for Business are making video more available, Cisco Spark and Polycom still encompass the proficient edge.

But hot on their heels are the likes of Zoom and Starleaf whose inventive cloud-based models bridge the break among the values. The opportunities for see-through video conferencing are accurately never-ending, and we recommend and deliver the best assortment of video technology to make sure utmost results – whatever the objective.

With our wireless solutions, true teamwork is faultless and clear-cut. Teamwork wants to be free-flowing and capable to keep rapidity with allocation ideas, files, and feedback. You can evade wasting time and losing attention by needing to switch cables and various controls. We keep it straightforward for you.

LED Displays:

LED technology is delivering factual results and is now the primary choice for creating high impact. Its tremendous high brightness and modular production mean it is flexible in each sense, catering to spaces of any form and size. Developments in LED displays create them very appropriate for indoor environments due to speedily plummeting pitches, meaning that LED displays can be contentedly viewed from much quicker, sometimes as small as a meter. Their intensity, modularity, and bezel-less construction can be curved into compensation in almost any surroundings, resulting in this expertise fitting even the negligible office space, providing a qualified and clear image.

Sound Reinforcement:

The most necessary part of any video conference or appearance is the audio; there is nothing inferior to a crackly line and sound issues. Our sound reinforcement systems work with not just qualified codecs from Cisco Spark and Polycom but also customer brands and cloud-based products like Google Meet, Skype for Business, Zoom, and Starleaf. By combining microphones, amplifiers, signal processors, mixers, and loudspeakers, we create live or pre-recorded sounds louder and additional accurate, so they can be dispersed consistently to an audience of almost any size at any location.


Our AV Installation in London have the knowledge and technical skill to install your perfect home audio system. From the start, we give direction in design and product range so that your system meets your hope. Whether you’re building a new home or modernize an existing one, we can install a permutation of wired and wireless speakers in any room you wish to play music. We’ll run a cable throughout the walls and house your gear neatly inside storage private or in an unexploited space of your home. The hideous technology almost disappears, leaving only quality sound.

Obtain Audio Essentials:

Once you have recognized the size and kind of AV required for the event, choose a suitable soundboard or mixer. Different options are obtainable depending on the number of microphones and computers you will be using. Speakers are also a very important constituent of a good AV system. Again, the requirements of the occasion will conclude the best option for you. For instance, if music is a major part of the event, you will require a more sophisticated system than for speech alone. To make sure your audience will be bright to hear the productivity clearly in all areas, think about the number of speakers and where finest to position them.

Different configurations are obtainable when it comes to microphones. Choose flanked by the lapel, hardwired, handheld, and wireless microphones. Remember, the more microphones you initiate, the more multifaceted the system becomes. So don’t go overboard, keep it as trouble-free as possible. Don’t forget AV cables. Consider the types of links you will require for the equipment being used, and make sure you have enough connections. Cautious planning is also desirable to run the cables securely.

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