School Management Systems: Productive School Learning

North of the equator, it’s the back-to-school season for kids. But this year’s school session is fraught with anxiety and fear as parents, educators, and public health officials are trying to contain the spread of coronavirus without compromising on the learning outcomes. The first priority of every ed-tech company is to provide sustainable solutions to this alarming issue. Many have come up with School Management Systems to ensure productive online learning environments for every student irrespective of whether he/she attends the physical school or not.

Since every government’s topmost priority is to reduce the transmission of the virus to protect and ensure students and staff’s safety, online digital school learning is here to stay for longer than expected. This is where the School Management Systems prove to be a boon in the current pandemic scenario where there’s no guarantee that the cases won’t resurge.

School Management Systems make the day-to-day academic and administrative activities of school authorities easy. It effectively manages and keep track of every activity and saves a lot of time. It provide software with features that enhance the performance of the school’s administrative and academic functions by shifting from manual to automation.

All the student information is just a click away. Teachers and parents can quickly obtain the records on homework, attendance, discipline, achievement and grades. The School Management System stores the entire student database with information about their grades, medical history, school fees, parental information, etc. some of them even offer real-time tracking and information alerts through SMS. This ensures the safety of the students.

With an efficient School Management System, parents are continuously updated and notified about their ward’s progress. There is hardly any need to conduct the traditional form of Parents-Teachers meetings to update parents about their kids’ performance. Now, this system saves their time, and they can attend to their child’s needs without disturbing their work schedule. They can simply receive notifications about their children through SMS, email and mobile apps. They can instantly get any information related to their child in real-time.

It will not only provide you students’ information but teachers’ real-time information too. The school administrators and parents can access the schedules of the teachers, their daily reports, etc., with the help of an AI-enabled School Management System. Suggestions and feedback can be provided in real-time to improve the teaching quality too. There is a dedicated portal for the teachers where they can access all the student-related information.

Also, this software ensures seamless real-time interaction between teachers and students through live chats and SMS messages. A School Management System has a dedicated portal for parents using which they can communicate with teachers and school staff through emails, text messages or voice chats. It can be used to broadcast any notifications about school’s important announcements like annual day, teacher’s day, independence day, etc. using bulk SMS. This saves a lot of time and energy for the administrative staff.

It also has an in-built attendance management system that can replace the old traditional time-consuming paper-based roll call attendance system. It uses RFID to take attendance in a fast and comfortable manner. It is a foolproof system with no scope of proxy.

With the real-time information accessible about students’ performance 24*7 in the software database, it is easier for them to generate report cards and performance analysis of the students. Teachers can even edit the reports of the students if anything changes.

It will streamline the fee collection process, and school fee can be paid online using online payment modes – debit cards, credit cards, UPI, etc. The software can generate automated receipts within no time. It makes the school fee payment system very easy and convenient.

An excellent School Management System offers additional features like examination management, admission management, library management system, etc. Automation of these processes makes school processes effortless and smooth. Therefore, invest in a good one today to ensure productive school learning.

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