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Marketing a small business with YouTube advertising may lead to greater exposure to any marketing strategy you use to build your product, influence words that will influence your potential customers, and present your product or service information to a wider audience. But there is a lot of hype in broadcasting about the number and popularity of various social media platforms, including YouTube.

There are myths abroad about all the social media and advertising on YouTube. Let?s see which ones need to be removed. Also Check- Audio renderer error youtube

The popularity of social media has exploded over the past 18 months and can be expected to continue to grow significantly in the foreseeable future. This is a lie. Does not mean that it should be ignored in terms of marketing value. On the contrary, the opportunity to reach even 1/4 of the current active members of social networks is worth the time, cost and effort. YouTube has the potential to reach 800 million people worldwide.

Role Of Twitter

Twitter is very important in communication. This, too, is a lie. First, according to a recent study by Marketing Profs, LLC (The State of Social Media, 2009), most businesses with Twitter accounts actually have 100 followers or less. Primarily the media – who are talking about Twitter popularity – with amazing numbers of followers.

Facebook is more important than YouTube advertising. This statement is also false. Last year it was more important to be on Facebook than on YouTube. This is no longer true. A strong presence on YouTube will be a great help today. Also Read- What is a highlighted comment on youtube

Marketing a small business with YouTube ads makes great sense for small businesses for a number of reasons.

First of all, unlike television advertising, you do not have to pay for a set time or rely solely on the people who watch your ad. Posting a video to YouTube is free. Plus, once posted, it’s always available for people to see. Whenever someone performs a single keyword search that you attach to your video, it’s available. Think of YouTube advertising as a sleepless ad.

Second, unlike most advertising sites, YouTube advertising remains open and can be broadcast at any time. Think back to what Susan Boyle did on YouTube last year! The easy-to-see video can be viewed by 800 million people worldwide!

Third, it does not have to be expensive to place an ad on YouTube. You do not need to hire a studio, hire professional actors, have a well-written script, and use the best equipment in the industry. Many of the most popular videos used in YouTube advertising have been recorded using a web-cam or personal video camera.

Fourth, your YouTube advertising video does not necessarily have to be commercials. People don’t go to YouTube to watch TV commercials. If they leave the room, remove it or set it outside while watching TV, why would they be interested in them on the Internet? The more video you create, the more fun, amazing, informative and / or more relevant your interest in YouTube advertising is.

One of the most popular ads on YouTube was a video of a man trying to mix strange things in a blender (with a brand name that is clearly visible). After laughing at the crazy combination of trying and humorous results, viewers saw the man finally mixing the right ingredients to create the perfect drink. This was followed by the announcement that the video was presented by the blender maker.

You can create videos at a very low cost and post them on the site at no additional cost. What you will need to invest is time and art. Your art will need to be personal and consistent; video will have to work; and it will be better if your video shows how people can interact with your product.


What can you expect to achieve? Of those who used YouTube advertising for PR purposes, 29.1% said it worked well, while another 49.3% said it worked less (according to the MarketingProfs Fall 2009 Survey). Of the businesses that posted the video on YouTube and used statistics from this site to print people who watched the video, 28.8% said it worked well and 35.6% said it worked less.

Producing a video that is attractive, fun, relevant to your product or service, and personal to potential customers can be the most effective advertising. It can help you build your brand, integrate your products or services with a specific team and achieve your PR goals. Fortunately, your YouTube advertising video may spread and you may win sweepstakes for small businesses.

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