All You Need to Know About Saqlain Mushtaq Heights

saqlain mushtaq heights

The name Saqlain mushtaq heights were given to the project after the death of a famous Pakistani spinner icon- the originator of �Doosra� in cricket known as �Saqlain Mushtaq�. The location of Saqlain mushtaq heights is located at Hamlets Bahria town phase 8. Luxury apartments are available on 3.5 years installment plans. It occupied an area of about 50 canals.  Three types of flats are available:

  • One-bedroom apartment
  • Two-bedroom apartment
  • Three-bedroom apartment


Due to its feasible position, it directs links to G.T road, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and Islamabad Expressway accordingly.

Phase 8 in Bahria town is a perfect and most suitable place to acquire accommodation. Many well-known institutes, schools, banks, shopping areas, and commercial markets are located there. Bahria owns to manage their transport system for convenience. It is hardly 1 hour away from the Islamabad airport. It also facilitates the community as it is close to some prominent sites:

  • Jacaranda family club
  • Ayub national park
  • Army museum
  • Mini golf club
  • Rafi cricket stadium
  • Jinnah park 

These are some highlighted and favorable sites of Islamabad where the majority of the crowd gathers.


It has 7 towers and around 550 apartments homes are established and distributed in these 7 towers. Every tower has its own 2 basements. In between the huge towers, open space is about 2 canals. For parking, the basement area will be utilized.  The parking area will connect stairs, corridors, and lifts. The resident will give the amount for the accommodation charges, other than maintenance and development charges will not be paid by the client. This will reduce the strain of the buyer to pay for the other things related. They are providing a healthy environment with modern infrastructure to the residents. It provides an alluring and breathtaking view of the hillside and lakeside.


They are developed by Khalid Awan Associates. They contributed and worked successfully for many decades around 15 and in this era, they concluded many massive projects which are mentioned below:

  • Khalid Awan Arcade
  • Awan Icon
  • Waqar heights
  • Khalid Awan heights � 1
  • Malik Arcade mini commercial

Why choose Saqlain Mushtaq heights?

The prime location pays off the money back to you. It is located in the mainstream of Bahria which is highly preferred by people. It is one of the huge and trustable estate projects of Islamabad and it also gained popularity due to the famous owner name tag Saqlain Mushtaq.

It provides a direct link to the main roads and easy access to all favorable sites, hospitals, markets, and parks.  It also facilitates the residents to pay a reasonable amount in installments for purchasing the property in Saqlain mushtaq heights. The view of the lake and hillside is worth mentioning and beautiful. An eco-friendly and healthy environment gives an amazing and high standard of living. They guaranteed a full security system for the people.

Facilities provided by Saqlain Mushtaq heights

All basic and other facilities are provided. They ensure to give a peaceful atmosphere to the residents living here without any issues. The facilities are:

Huge double story parking area for cars

Every tower has its own two basements. Parking areas are constructed in basements. Full security and record check are also maintained. Double story parking gives a broad area for the people to park cars and also for guests.

Safety system with CCTV cameras

Saqlain mushtaq heights and dream garden Lahore  ensure to gain the trust of community living and maintain full safety. CCTV cameras are placed in every compartment, lift, parking and lobbies. Security guards doing their duties 24 hours with dignity and honesty. All records are kept by the guards to ensure their identity. 

Indoor and outdoor mosques

Prayer is the initial and most important part of our lives. So, make sure to facilitates people’s indoor and outdoor prayer area to offer 5 times prayer. Mosques are constructed with beautiful aesthetic designs and structures which makes them look more charming.

Garbage disposal

Proper garbage disposal system setup is provided. Hygiene is integral and vital part of living in any community or area. Proper arrangements are made for maintaining the place and cleaning on daily basis.

Aesthetic interior and infrastructure

The elegant interior of buildings and apartments with the latest and trendy designs make it 2 times more beautiful.  Granite flooring and kitchen setup with tiles are hence so pretty and it ensures to gain the attention of people all around. Every room and inner infrastructure is adopted with immense designs.

Eco-friendly environment

Saqlain mushtaq heights provide a healthy and green atmosphere. Nearby areas are well maintained with proper hygiene.

Emergency fire and exit system

Safety comes first. It is very important first to ensure that the place where you are investing is safe or not. A proper emergency exit system is managed. Safety and life can�t be risked and compromised thus we make sure to provide all possible guidance too.

Elevators with generator backups

Hence many people are scared of lifts and elevators whether they stop working if the electricity goes. For the backup, big generators are placed so no risk will be there. Separate cargo and passenger elevators are constructed for the ease of people with generator backups.

Customized kitchen, living, and dining rooms

Very few options are given by other estate builders for the customization of living, kitchen, and dining rooms. They provide a full facility for people to customize their kitchen, living, and dining area of their own choice. Colors and designs can be changed according to the taste of the resident. The option is also given for the open or covered kitchens. The rest depends on the buyer.

Affordable prices of apartments

The prices of apartments vary from floor to floor. Comparatively, the ground and first floor have a little bit higher prices. Top floors are cheaper than ground and first floor. It also depends on the number of bedrooms you want either one, two, or three.


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